Monday, November 29, 2010

November in New Orleans

Earlier in the month of November,
I journeyed to New Orleans.
This trip was a birthday gift from a
very special friend.
Growing up in the midwest, New Orleans
always seemed like a foreign country to me.
I pictured it as a place where different cultures,
races, customs, languages all merged into one
delicious stew of humanity.
From the age of 7,
I wanted to go there;
at the age of 41, I finally made it!

The French Quarter

Jackson Square

Our visit included a day spent wandering
through the narrow, crowded streets of the
French Quarter.

St. Louis Cathedral

This, and all older sections of the city, remained
undamaged by Hurricaine Katrina. We were told
these areas are actually several feet above sea level,
and their altitude, if you will, is what spared them.

Louisiana State Museum

Another side of Jackson Square

Colorful streee scene, to match the colorful personalities
we encountered on our journey.

Naploeon House, one of the oldest buildings in the Quarter.
Garden District Highlights
The Garden District is where we stayed.
This is a gorgeous part of the city,
several blocks away from
the hustle and bustle of the Quarter.
It is where the rich and famous have come to live
and play for decades.
Enormous crape myrtles and live oaks line the streets.
Wrought and cast iron fences, balustrades, and bannisters
lend the area a sense of identity.
Pride of place is most apparent.
Every home there is an architectural gem.

Plaque on the fence on Anne Rice's former house

The house itself, encompassing a mere 15,000 square feet!

A Victorian beauty around the corner from the Bed and Breakfast
where we stayed on Magazine Street.

That is me, pausing while our tour guide discussed
the notable and the noteworthy.

This lovely is owned by Sandra Bullock.

Iron, brickwork, and lush greenery define the Garden District.

This was built as a spec house. Can you imagine?
Lafayette Cemetery
Our walking tour of the Garden District included a trek
through Layfayette Cemetery, one of New Orleans'
famous "cities of the Dead."

The cemetery is surrounded by a large concrete wall
and gated openings, only one of which was open.
There is one way in and one way out.

A friendly feline sunning himself and garnering pets from tourists
like myself. I can't help but wonder if this is merely a guise for him,
if he sometimes occupies other shapes or forms.

A silk rose tucked into the backside of a family crypt
seemed a sweet momento to me.

This is the only metal vault in the entire
cemetery. It has appeared in several movies,
including Interview with a Vampire.

A streetscape

Overhanging oaks

City streets

Another shot of me

A view from an "alley way" behind a street of vaults.

The one aspcet of the trip I didn't represent here,
but was nevertheless integral to our enjoyment,
was the cuisine we enjoyed.
We ate wonderful food, ranging from Mediterranean fare to
traditional creole cuisine. It was divine.

New Orleans is fun, vibrant, and romantic.
It is a place where the present
is inextricably infused with the past.
It is a place where acceptance and resilience are
fostered, where the spirit of survival is palpable.
It is a place where all are welcomed with open arms.
I cannot wait to go back!
Until next time...
P.S. I am settling nicely into my new abode, my new routines
and my newly reclaimed life. Thanks to all for your supportive
words and many kindnesses!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Major life changes

In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, nothing which goes is lost.

~Anne Sophie Swetchine

In the time since my last post, my life has taken quite a turn.

Things have been bubbling beneath the surface for a long, long time;

and now those bubbles are like air, floating all around me.

Two days from now I will receive the keys to my new house.

This weekend I will move in.

I will awaken that first morning in my new house

on the day I turn 41.

This house is mine, and this will be the first time

I have lived alone, a prospect I find thrilling.

My marriage is ending due to my own initiative,

but we are parting as friends.

In the coming weeks, posts here may be few

and far between, but I will be back in the swing

as soon as I get settled.

At that point, I will have a whole new place to reveal to you.

Hope this finds you peaceful and happy.
Until next time...


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