Friday, February 18, 2011

Shades of Grey

The French have a real flair

with the color grey.

They wear it so well.

Perhaps it is the skies in winter,

or the stone building facades

that line the streets of Paris,

or the chic women

lining the boulevards

that serve as inspiration.

This stylish home from French Elle Decor

reflects that sensibility just beautifully.

Some of the greys here are warm and soft,

others, bold and heavy.

Still others are earthy

and ethereal.

The sun has shown brightly

the past couple of days,

hinting at the coming of spring.

These greys remind me

to appreciate the beauty

in each and every day

and not to overlook

what has become commonplace.

Even in the austere days of winter,

there lay a wealth of nuance and variation,

if only one will take

the time to really see.

Wishing you clarity.

Until next time...



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