Saturday, December 18, 2010


Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
~Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

Love inspires me to see beauty
and beauty inspires me to love.

This quiet living room from Country Living
has become the inspiration for my own living
space in my new cottage.
I appreciate its subtle plays with texture
and its whispering elegance.

Stay tuned for posts about the new cottage.
I have been settling in,
and it is starting to look like home to me.
Losing my computer during the separation
has made it extraordinarily difficult to put up
new posts. Luckily, I have a dear friend who
allows me access now and again.

I hope you are all well and happy,
dear friends.
Remember to find moments of stillness
to savor
this holiday season.
There is peace, even among the chaos
of preparation for celebrations.
I challenge you to find some.

Until next time...


  1. Hi there Anne,
    Lovely to see you back even though it's difficult for you. You must have been so busy, moving into your new home. I love your inspiration from Country Living. I can't wait to see photos of your cottage. Hope you are well and enjoying making your home yours. XXXX

  2. That is such a beautiful room. Thank you for the reminder for calm moments at this most busy time of year.

  3. Happy Christmas to you Ann. I look forward to seeing your are such a fabulous decorator, I am sure it will be simple and beautiful.

  4. Anne,
    I wish you peace also....
    You've been missed! Hope you find a way to visit us more often - I look forward to hearing what you've been up to!
    Hope you have a peaceful and happy holidays with many blessings ~
    Sarah :)

  5. dear anne,

    i'm so glad you are finding moments of peace and tranquility. i too am searching for those moments. christmas can make that challenging when you don't fit the 'perfect' image. this too shall pass...take care my friend.


  6. This has been inspiration for me too. I can't wait to see your new cottage. You know we bought both of our laptops for $300 and under...Toshiba. I really love mine. Maybe you can find one.

    And last but not least....I love Damien Rice. I listen to his CD over and over and over.

  7. So nice to "see" you again! Looking forward to when you are back more often. I'm sure you are, too. Wishing you peace and happiness...

  8. Hello and thank you for your sweet comment on my post yesterday! xx

    I love this room - are those wooden 'stocking cut outs'.. If so I love it even more!!

    Thank you also for your kind feedback on Marshall's photographs. He'll be thrilled to hear you like them. Yes, please do come back and look again and enter your fave in the give away.

    Biggest Christmas hugs to you and all the best for 2011. I am sorry we haven't had time to catch up properly for a while - I know you have lots of news re your move etc. I'd love to hear if you have time to spare to write an email.

    Lots of love and thank you for your friendship in 2010!

    x Charlotta x

  9. Looking forward to seeing your new home!!! Merry Christmas to you!


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