Tuesday, March 1, 2011


oh, ein Leuchtturm, originally uploaded by bianca_muc.

Despite the shining sun

and the warming of the earth,

I am a bit melancholy today.

Weather has a large impact on mood,

but is not the only factor.

When we think of spring, there is

a lightness of being that is ushered forth.

But for me, today, that grayness remains.

After work, I hope to get out for a bit and

let the waning afternoon sun permeate my being,

and perhaps take a stroll

through the emerging garden.

I am hoping this will help.

What do you do when the "blah's" strike?

What things lift your spirits

and banish the dull heaviness?

Sometimes just saying it aloud

(or in this case putting it into writing)

can make an immense difference.

Until next time...



  1. We all have days like that. Maybe some tea with a lemon biscotti to cheer you. How is your new home coming along?

  2. Hi Anne,
    I've missed you around lately...hope you are doing well in your new life.
    I get the same way sometimes - unmotivated and just BLAH. The light and sun makes a tremendous difference though, that's why I was so thankful for bright skies today.
    Sometimes I just accept it, don't do much and treat myself to a lazy day. Keep in mind that you're not alone and visiting everyone's blogs helps out when I can talk without really talking...:) Take Care!

  3. I've been feeling the same way. Usually I eat too much which makes me feel worse. I need to get outside and take some photos...that usually makes me feel good.

  4. Have you tried yoga? I can't leave a yoga class without feeling better than I did when I went in.

  5. Sarah, kerrie, Chania, and Life...,

    All the things you guys suggested are things I regularly do to get out of the doldrums. Working on my house always helps. Sometimes these feelings need to be allowed to exist for awhile and then to pass on their own, like the way clouds are blown in and then dissipate.

    By the way, I immediately felt better just by composing the post. Thanks for the support, Ladies!

  6. Hi Anne, I wish your comment allowed replies. Maybe you could send me your email sometime. I am feeling better. My daughter has been through a rough time, and as you know when your children are sad, it can make a mother feel awful.

    You have such hugs changes in your life. You must feel quite muddled some days. Please feel free to email me anytime to chat. chania@razmataz.ca


  7. Anne, I couldn't reply to your comment as you have a No reply comment return. It is funny because I looked at my blogroll today and thought it was a long time since you posted, then a few hours later you leave a message. I do hope you are well.

    The neighbor I wrote about has some mental health issues I believe and prefers to be on his own with just wife and cats. Over the years I have noticed that his wife is a really good support for him and how lucky he is to have her. It can't be easy for her, but they seemed very connected.

    Take care Anne, and thanks for dropping by.

  8. Oh Raz I thought the same. I too sent a reply today so Anne we worry about you and wonder what you are doing sometimes and we wonder if you are ok .Its funny how we all become friends linked by our blogs and our ability to "feel". But I guess you are:)...ok I mean. And I like that. I was happy to receive your message and had a very special one to return. I guess when you are ready you post and for peace of mind I keep you in my side bar and wait for whatever new moments you want to share plus it lets me know that you are well.~Meme


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