Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer into Fall

"Departing summer hath assumed an aspect tenderly illumed..."
~ William Wordsworth

As the summer light is changing and nights are coming on more quickly, my cottage decor is transitioning to fall.  All the pale blues that made up my summer color scheme have been replaced with warmer reds and tiny bursts of goldenrod.

The beauty of decorating with neutrals is that a simple change of throw pillows and accessories, such as the bowl of apples, yields a completely different mood.

The items on the shelf above the sofa, which is my substitute for a mantel, have become darker and more mysterious, in anticipation of the coming of autumn.  Mercury glass accents remain a constant, however.

This is the view from the front door looking toward the back door.  The house is open feels spacious, with the abundance of light and high ceilings.

The vignette on the dining room buffet still whispers of summer dreams, with the pond sailboat, starfish, driftwood, and large sea shell.  The photograph was taken by my dear artist friend,  JoAnna Johnson, whose 30 dresses series of photographs is simple haunting and evocative of dreams.

This is what you see as you look back toward the front door.  At some point I would like to acquire some black windsor dining chairs, but for now, the white pressback ones I have had for 20 years will suffice.

Tibetan prayer flags hang in the dining room doorway.  A air conditioning duct is close by, and they flutter in the man-made breeze.  These flags represent the five elements and are hung where they will be stirred by breezes.  The belief is that prayers will be blown by the wind and spread compassion and goodwill into the nearby spaces.  They bring a tiny burst of color into the creamy white spaces of my home.

Wishing you and opportunity to get outside and enjoy the late summer light, as it bathes the landscape in gold.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Anne,

    I love the simplicity of your home (I think I say this every comment). The lack of clutter and simple sight lines are very soothing. This cottage is charming.

  2. Anne, what a beatiful post.

    Have a great day :)


  3. Oh Anne,
    Your new ( ish) home looks beautiful. You really have a way with interiors. I always think that simplicity is bes and It all looks amazing.
    Hope that you've been enjoying the Summer. Lots of love. XXXX

  4. Anne,

    I couldn;t reply to you your comment because you have set it up for No-Reply.

    When I take the foster dogs, I know it to get them ready for their new homes and to ease their stress. I am also able to see the wonderful homes that lab rescue gets for these dogs. So while it is hard to say goodbye, I know they are safe and loved. I have, however cried for everyone of them all the way home from dropping them off. My newest boy I have now adopted because he is too old to find a home. I love him to bits and have vowed to make his twilight years as happy as I can.

    If a dog is not used to cats, their prey instinct will kick in and they could seriously hurt your cat. I have had one bad experience with a dog with my cat and it is risky. I think you did the right thing. A young dog will get adopted easily.

    Have a good week with your honey!

  5. Oh how I always love your home. The Tibetan prayer flag is a favorite...I need one. Beautiful open space with lots of windows. love!

  6. What a beautiful space you have and it looks so calm.


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