Tuesday, March 1, 2011


oh, ein Leuchtturm, originally uploaded by bianca_muc.

Despite the shining sun

and the warming of the earth,

I am a bit melancholy today.

Weather has a large impact on mood,

but is not the only factor.

When we think of spring, there is

a lightness of being that is ushered forth.

But for me, today, that grayness remains.

After work, I hope to get out for a bit and

let the waning afternoon sun permeate my being,

and perhaps take a stroll

through the emerging garden.

I am hoping this will help.

What do you do when the "blah's" strike?

What things lift your spirits

and banish the dull heaviness?

Sometimes just saying it aloud

(or in this case putting it into writing)

can make an immense difference.

Until next time...



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