Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Touch of Nature

The Natural Decor philosophy is all about incorporating things derived from or taken directly from nature.  Each vignette in my house, from this newly constructed shelf behind the wood stove, to objects atop the counter, has a connection to the natural world.  

In the photo above you'll notice wood in the form of the small box and planks cladding the wall, metal, a pressed botanical specimen, earthenware, and shed deer antlers.

Surrounding the sofa, there are more objects from nature:  house plants, gourds, a cashmere throw, a pumpkin wrapped in honeysuckle vine, more wood, and a dried seed head. 

 In the kitchen, you'll see potted herbs, marble tiles, more wood, porcelain, and pantry staples in glass jars.

Potted plants dot nearly every surface of my home.  This house gets phenomenal light, and my plants are most happy here.  

The centerpiece of the dining table is a collection of gourds given to me by my daughter, which are corralled in a wooden tray.

Incorporating natural objects into decor enriches a home in several ways.  These items add texture, color, life, contrast, and layers of interest.  They are also inexpensive, and readily accessible.  A home abundant with gifts from the natural world feels authentic.  Just as no two people are alike, no two homes should be alike.  I do not want a home that looks like someone else's.  My home must reflect my personality, my interests, my relationships, and my personal history or it does not feel as if it is actually mine.  All items shown in this post do those things.  They are a part of my story.   

Wishing you a warm, peaceful, and authentic Thanksgiving.

Until next time,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting cozy

 With fall upon us, some colder nights have set in, and so has my deep desire for spaces that are warm and inviting.  This is a departure for me, but the house seems to telling me that earth tones are what is needed to get us through the cold seasons.  These colors echo the landscape outside.  The fields beyond the house have turned to tan and fading greens.  The bare trees and those still bearing some leaf cover are a patchwork of browns covering the hillsides.  Inside I have bid goodbye to the whites of summer, and embraced a new palette of grey, tan, coffee, and cream.  

A shawl draped over the arm of the couch repeats the color of the pumpkin my daughter gave me and the silk pillows on the sofa.  A cup of tea always elevates the coziness factor.

Our new wood stove was installed a few weeks ago, and on cold nights, we have been warmed by its glow and its radiant heat.  This morning is surprisingly balmy for this time of the year, hence it was not cold enough for me to light a fire.  I hope you can visualize dancing flames within.

A wool rug laid overtop the sea grass one brings major coziness.  It also set the tone for the colors in the room, as it has some soft greys and creams amid the many shades of brown.  The green gable wall is still one of those things I live with but do not embrace.  It coordinates relatively well with the earthy color scheme.

Looking down from the stairway, you get a sense of the layout of furniture.  This is a tiny room, and there is not much in it, yet there is still enough room to support a proper dining table.  We are hosting Thanksgiving in this new house, and I am looking forward to having my family gather round the table.

One design faux pas of which I am guilty is this carpeted cat tree in the corner of the living room.  It is a necessary evil when you have multiple cats, as the hierarchy needs to be accommodated comfortably.  Since losing Pyewacket, we had adopted one cat from the Humane Society (the white one on the top shelf) and then a week later, the sleeping tabby wandered up to the house one evening.  She was too gentle and loving for me to turn her away.  The siamese has only been with us since June.  We now have a houseful.  As pet owners, we all make concessions for the happiness of four-legged friends.  I guess it could be worse that a cat tree placed discreetly in the corner!  Someday, perhaps, I will have one of those stylish, modern ones made of acacia wood.  Ot perhaps a system of shelves and cat walks leading to the loft.  But for now, this does the trick.  

I hope you are all well and warm.  May your holidays be a delight.  I am grateful for being able to share my home with you and for those of you who take the time to read and comment.  One of the most basic human needs is to be heard, and I am so appreciative of you who allow me to feel heard.  I also thank you for your patience during my extended absences, as I am not one to post regularly, I am grateful for your willingness to hang with me despite this reality.  

Until next time...



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