Friday, May 6, 2011

A home in the country

As one who recently moved into town

after 15 years of living outside the city limits,

I find myself yearning for the country.

The list of things I miss is long,

and I feel these absences deep

in my bones.

I miss the lack of street lights

and the ability to allow the curtains

to be left open at night

while soft starlight creeps in

to bathe me during sleep.

I miss the sense of spaciousness,

breathing room,

and being surrounded by all that green.

The wooded hills here are lush,

and this time of year, the green is so thick

it seems to permeate my senses.

I miss mornings on the front porch,

sipping coffee in my pajamas.

And afternoons on the porch with a glass

of iced tea and a decorating book

(Pale and Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett

and Dave Coote is my new favorite).

And I also miss the evenings on the porch

with a glass of wine and the sound of

tree frogs courting one another.

I miss the cool, deep shade of deciduous

woods in the heat of summer.

I miss the solitude that comes

with being outside, all by myself,

with no accompaniment other than


And I miss my garden, which I had lovingly

tended and nurtured for so long.

I am looking to move back out

to my former neck of the woods,

to a house adjacent to the property I had

owned for so long.

Through this time of transition,

the past 8 months,

I have learned that living in town is just not for me.

I have learned the I am undeniably

a country girl.

Self-discovery leads us to places where our

spirits can soar and we can feel at home.

Where have your own discoveries led you?

Until next time...


All images were obtained via the google image library.


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