Sunday, July 18, 2010

My summer style

It all started with a paisley fabric.

In the process of renovating our dining room,
I have gone through another round of
purging, minimizing, and down-scaling

I stumbled across a super soft paisley linen shirt

in the closet that no longer fit my husband,

and rather than donate it, I decided to use it

to cover a pillow.

From this pillow, a palette was born--
time-worn reds, robin's egg blues, and loads
of ever-present white.

I "shopped" in various rooms around the house
to find things that fit.
Accents from the garden always add a
touch of life and color.

Lanterns and pale blue stones
evoke a maritime sensibility.

Fern fronds bring some height to groupings
and are a reflection of my love of nature.

The tray contains all the elements I seek--
honesty of material, simplicity of design,
and odes to both the summer garden and light.

Max, my male tabby, desperately wanted
some attention while I was taking photos.
Look at that expression!
He is quite hard to resist.

Even the cover of the latest issue of
Cottages & Bungalows fits the scheme.

I noticed many posts featuring red, white, and blue
around the 4th of July holiday.
At that point in time, my inspiration had not yet hit.
As you all know, the muse comes when she is ready,
and takes her own sweet time!

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful and

encouraging comments.

I appreciate each and every one!!

(Please pardon the test spacing.

Sometimes blogger does its own thing,

regardless of how hard I try

to exert my will)

Until next time...



  1. good morning anne,

    your home looks just beautiful & peaceful. i love the reinvention of a shirt!

    and your kitty is so sweet.

    have a wonderful week anne.


  2. I love the pops of red, and shopping the house and bringing elements from outside are always fresh. Your Max is so handsome, I can see why you included him. Happy Sunday - Carrie

  3. It all looks so lovely!!
    I love your style:) Simple and happy!!!

  4. Anne, just gorgeous..and I love how you find a new use for hubby's shirt..awesome job! Your home is as it should reflects your personality and is truly welcoming and homely it. Have a beautiful week my friend xo

  5. Hi,just found your blog and I love it . Will definetly be visiting often..

  6. Hi Anne, your home looks so beautiful with all your special touches...Kathy

  7. I'm new here...and at first, I thought I was listening to Wilco! and here I've never heard that band your playlist is playing - hm? -

    your home looks lovely! as do your cutie kitties!!

  8. Hi Anne!

    What a great idea of using your husbands shirt to make a pillow! Looks wonderful.
    I love the photo of Max!!
    Hope your having a wonderful summer.
    Pamela xo

  9. Hi Anne,
    Sorry that I'm late for this one.....I am still trying to catch up. We are going on holiday in August and I'm going to have to catch up all over again !!!!
    I love everything. It all looks stunning and I especially love your husband's shirt cushion.....but, my favourite is your cat !! XXXX

  10. Hi Anne!
    I'm late to the
    party, here, but
    it's been that
    kind of a week.....
    Love the pillows
    and the cute felines
    reclining on them!
    I know what you mean
    about Blogger, it was
    giving me heck
    last night....and
    always when I'm
    super tired : )
    Hope your summer
    project is coming
    along GREAT!!!
    Happy Friday {see
    how late I am???}!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Hello my friend. It's been ages again, but have been thinking of you often.

    Your 'summery home' looks amazing and I love it all. You can tell Max does too! :)
    Also love the red/white tea towel on the table. I do the same - such a nice idea. x

    The flowers and twigs look divine and your house always comes across as clean, fresh and full of good energy.

    Hugs from a rainy Sydney.

    xx Charlotta

  12. Converting a shirt into a pillow cover is a cool idea, that inspires me to convert some unused stuff into inspiring stuff like this.


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