Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yummy dining spaces

There is something about a dining room
that captures my imagination.
Eat-in kitchens are purely functional spaces,
nice for a grab-and-go meal
or a bowl of cereal in the morning.
But dining rooms, spaces dedicated
to the sole purpose of
enjoying food and conversation,
make a meal a work of art.

In terms of design, a dining room offers a
unique opportunity to let one's personality
and style take center stage.
There are an infinite number of options
available for combinations of table, chairs,
and side boards (or hutches, buffets, armoires, console

In a simple room, bold elements,
like the swan and architectural salvage above,
make an even grander statement.

Natural light and a connection to
the landscape are of uptmost importance to me.

Old wood welcomes, with its dents and dings,
and speaks the language of ease.

Rustic and modern elements
play complimentary roles.

Natural accents and
architectural salvage
often make the
most fascinating accent pieces.
Each item tells its own story
and keeps us connected
to the rhythm of the seasons,
the passage of time.

Set within a larger room,
lowered ceiling heights and area rugs
define the dining space
and create intimacy.

Simplicity of design
and integrity of material
allow the meal to take center stage.
My own dining room is coming along slowly.
The room has been gutted, but no actual
building has begun.
Our carpenter friend has, sadly,
had some other things come up,
and so we wait.
I am trying to be patient and look past the chaos
that comes with any renovation project.
Afterall, I am dying,
not just to have it done,
but to share the outcome with you!
I hope you are having a lovely summer.
It is hard to believe August is here already,
and many of us are looking to fall, when children
(and in my case, spouses) head off to school.
My daughter moves into her dorm,
1000 miles from home,
exactly one month from today.
It is coming so fast, but I am thrilled
for her.
Until next time...
All images courtesy of Elle Decor


  1. hi anne,

    picture #4 is one of my all time favorite rooms by one of my all time favorite designers. darryl carter is a genius in my book. that room speaks to me on so many levels. if i could have a fairy come in and grant my decorating wishes it would first be for ralph lauren to come in and do his thing and then follow it up with darryl carter removing just the right amount of objects. this is the dance i play with my home.

    also i am one of those weird people who love the chaos of renovation. i totally love the unfinished, waiting and sound of work. i love it i tell you. i'm so sad when it is wrapping up. what does that say about me?


  2. You have featured some lovely dining rooms Anne. I look forward to seeing your own dining room, I'm sure it will be lovely. Good luck to your daughter. My son leaves in one month also. A semester in Florence! I think we will need to visit him!

  3. Hi Anne!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer...I've been hoping you'd post soon. I always get so much inspiration from you on so many levels.
    I agree with you about the dining room. To me, it's the most important room in your home. Funny you posted this today - several years ago I removed our kitchen table after noticing that we were moving away from using the dining room. It was purely out of laziness but it bothered me. I replaced it with a small two chair table and thought it would be for coffee or a quick snack but the laziness is creeping back. I was just deciding this morning whether or not to remove this table...I just decided - this table has to go as well. In fact, I think I'm the only one who hasn't sat there in two years!
    Anyway, you've chosen some beautiful examples of dining rooms that I would literally do anything to have. I love all the same elements as you and can't wait to see how your room turns out. Tell that contractor of yours he needs to move you to the top of the to-do list! :)

  4. Dear Anne
    Sorry if I haven't been the best blogging buddy lately. I seem to have been rather busy.We did gardening this weekend for what seems like the whole 48 hours !! I ache all over !!
    I love all of these dining rooms. We have a separate dining room and a breakfast room. The former more for formal occasions and the latter more casual.English Victorians went in for that sort of thing !! Well, both of my rooms would compare to the old wood with dents and dings !! I actually love that look.
    Hope you are well, Anne and have a lovely new week. XXXX

  5. Hi Anne!

    Great dining room photos! We have a eat in kitchen and a dining room. We always have dinner in the dining room as it is a nice way to enjoy our meal. I find that having dinner here makes it have the sharing of food more meaning...if that makes any sense!

    Hope your having a great summer. We don't go back to school till September thank goodness!
    Pamela xo

  6. Ann, I am so looking forward to seeing your dining room. I know it will be simple and fresh and lovely.

    I found my realtionship grew weh nmy daughter left home. She grew up and appreciated me more and I missed her terribly and appreciated her so much more. It was a happy change.

  7. Hello again!
    I love your design aesthetic and these dining rooms are beyond gorgeous. All of them. It's hard to know which one to pick! (if one was allowed.. :)
    Your taste is almost identical with mine, but we have giggled about this before haven't we.

    I hope you are well and that Summer has been peaceful and refreshing for you. I can imagine the renovation delays of your own diningroom is frustrating but I am sure it will be fantastic.

    Take care and pop into my little corner some time. I miss you there!

    x Charlotta

  8. OOoooo...I like the new soft look of your blog...and all the images in this post. You know how I've been drawn to the wood and naturals. How very exciting for your daughter. This is a wonderful opportunity for her even though I know you will miss her.

    I actually came by to tell you that YES I did see Inception and enjoyed it too. I ditto everything you said!

  9. I feel the same way about dining rooms. That's the one room I always get really creative in.

    I agree, it's hard to remain patient! :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Beautiful inspiration images. I can't wait to see your big reveal. How exciting to have such a big project on the horizon, good luck with everything.
    Hugs - Carrie


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