Friday, September 17, 2010


"The moment one gives close attention to anything,
even a blade of grass,
it becomes
a mysterious, awesome,
indescribably magnificent world in itself."
~ Henry Miller
This week's Friday Photo Challenge
hosted by the lovely and talented Chania
at her blog Razmataz
involves getting up close and personal.
This photo was taken a few days ago.
It's a Boston fern in my back yard.
I like the tender translucence of the
newly opening frond, especially for
the way it stands out against the deeper,
more mature sprigs of green.
Until next time...


  1. Oh I love this! So much wrapped into one picture! The quote is perfect too. :)

  2. It looks so fragile compared to the older blade. It's a beautiful shade of green ~

    I always look forward to your posts and how you beautifully put the most perfect words to each one of your stunning photographs. You are an extremely talented gal!

  3. hi anne -

    i adore ferns. they are just so fresh looking all the time. yours is perfect.


    have a really lovely weekend

  4. I love this photo. It is so beautiful with it's delicate nature and softness of color. Thank you for joining us. I love reading your blog, I get to listen to Phantom.

  5. Very pretty :-) Love the fresh shade of green of the new frond.


  6. I'm late in complimenting you on this beautiful picture. I too have these ferns in my backyard and they are not only great space fillers, but look wonderful in their infant stage.

  7. Anne, it's so gorgeous! So gentle and new, lovely photo! XX!

  8. The quote and photo say exactly what i was trying to (doing the same challenge), but very much more eloquently!

    Yours is a beautiful blog and I look forward to following. Belinda

  9. Beautiful Anne
    I have a fern in my backyard that has been unfurling also.. and enjoy watching it progress each day... Have a lovely Sunday.. xxx Julie

  10. Dear Anne,
    Well, you know that my garden is full of ferns and hostas and this photograph is just beautiful.
    Our ferns have finished unfurling and are now turning beautiful shades of Autumn although we do have a couple of varieties that are pretty evergreen and stay that way all year round. XXXX


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