Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back from Boston

The road to Boston and back was winding and long,
with many unexpected turns and twists.
Altogether we traveled through 9 states and across
3000 miles, marking the passage

by state lines and mountain ranges we traversed
(Green Mountains in Vermont).

Here are Steve, Britt and I outside a tire shop in
Charleston, West Virginia following the first
tire blow-out we experienced along the way.

After 3 full days, we arrived at SMFA,
the building on the right.
Boston is beautiful beyond my imagination, with its
well-preserved buildings, neatly manicured parks,
and expanse of stone work. All curbs in Boston are made
of cut granite, with edges sharp enough
to have been responsible for out second tire blow out.

A park across from the school provides a shady spot
to observe the comings and goings of students from
the city's many near-by campuses.
It seems to me that the industry in Boston
is higher education, as it plays host to 33 institutions
of higher learning.

Looking out across the Avenue of the Arts
from the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts.

The gorgeous neo-classical front facade of the MFA,
which is just across the street from the Museum School.
It was where we spent a few free hours while Britt
was in orientation sessions.

The rotunda inside the MFA was painted by
John Singer Seargent in 1921 and relates
various stories from Greek mythology.

A grand staircase leads to the second floor of the rotunda.

A buddha emerges from a lotus blossom in the
Japanese Temple exhibit.

A corridor of ancient eastern statuary beckons.

The courtyard of the MFA provides a relaxing space to
absorb some fresh air and quiet.
Our time in the city was limited with helping Britt
move into her dorm apartment, getting supplies,
and just figuring out how to navigate the city
(no easy task).
After getting her settled, we headed back west,
across the many mountain ranges and rivers,
through forests and valleys,
toward the southern tip of Illinois.

Steve and I are adjusting to the new quiet in
our house and to looser schedules, fewer daily
responsibilities, and more options for meals.

Britt is adjusting to her new freedom, living in a big
city (instead of a small college town),
a new school environment,
and tending to all her own needs.

It is a time of growth and change for us all.
Afterall, change is the one constant in life.

I miss my little girl, but I am in love with the
woman she has become
(sorry for the blurring of this picture--
all pictures of her turned out somewhat blurry,
much to my chagrin).

Until next time...


  1. I love your positive and encouraging attitude!

  2. hi anne,

    welcome back. what beautiful pics you have shared and what a beautiful place for your daughter to learn. you are a really, really lucky mom. your daughter lucked out in the mom dept. too. beautiful family.


  3. Welcome back Anne!!
    Love all the photos!!
    I bet you miss your little girl!
    Pamela xo

  4. Good morning Anne,
    First thing I noticed, everyone was smiling after the 1st tire blowout! A little drama to make the journey even more memorable. :)
    The campus looks beautiful - how lucky your daughter is to live and learn there. I enjoy seeing travel pictures of places I've never been. It's such a big world, I wish I could spend at least a day everywhere!
    This will be a fun time for you and your husband - it's definately a more relaxed time when you officially have an empty nest. Enjoy it to the fullest.

    *Your daughter is just beautiful!

    Hope you are enjoying the start of fall. Looks like I may be travelling to Edwardsville again soon.

  5. Dear Anne,
    WOW, what an amazing trip and you covered so many miles. I love that photo of the three of you....you must frame it !
    Your daughter is going to have a wonderful time at University in Boston....another milestone. I remember when ours went to Uni. It is different at first, but you adjust and it's fine.
    Oh, and belated thanks for my lovely award. You are so kind to think of me. Sorry that my thanks are late but I was on holiday. Also, I've had great difficulty getting into your blog. That happens to me sometimes.
    Have a lovely week Anne and I'm so pleased that you had a lovely trip. XXXX

  6. You have the most beautiful family, Anne!
    No wonder you are the proud mama. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!
    Big hugs,

  7. I am so excited for her. I would have loved to have gone to an Art school...but they were too expensive. I don't know why noone suggested I try for scholarships, for I believe I would have gotten one. I can only imagine what her days will be like. And yours too. "It's an odd feeling, farewell..." a line from Out Of Africa that I've always liked. She is going to love studying Art. And I do believe there are so many opportunities nowadays for Art degrees. I've considered going back to college and getting mine.

  8. Anne...what an adventure for you all..in so many ways than one...it is certainly going to be a huge change for you all but one I think that you will all embrace and take on with ease.

    p.s Ever getting a flat tire is and would be my biggest nightmare ..yikes! x

  9. Oh, how wonderful! Boston is so gorgeous! You must be so proud of your daughter, that's very exciting. Your little world is so lovely, so happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower!


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