Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why decorating?

The passions we have are a curious thing.

Some are innate, some are cultivated,

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while others, still, seem to be a combination 

of both nurturing and natural ability.

In my own experience, the things I am drawn toward

are things I enjoyed as a child-- 

art-making, decorating, writing.

These were pursuits I followed from as young 

as age four.

While other children I knew played house to emulate the 

gender and familial roles

they were immersed in,

I played house so that I could decorate a space 

with things 

that I found to be pretty.

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Playing house, for me, required a physical space 

set apart from the rest of the world,

whether it was a tree house; 

via Still Here Waiting

or an outdoor room, enclosed by trees.

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 I would bring my favorite objects into that space 

to make it my own.

So, this love for prettifying spaces has been with me 

a very long time!

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In my professional experience, I have come to note that

human beings have a need to create order out of chaos 

(although there are many people who have a need to also create chaos out of order.  

I avoid them in my personal life when at all possible).

I advise my clients of this need for order 

and point out ways in which it is met, 

even on a minute scale:

playing solitaire, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, 

organizing a drawer,

cleaning out a closet, washing dishes,  

doing soduku puzzles, 

putting dishes and clothing away.

via House Beautiful

These are all examples of situations 

where things are either a literal mess to be cleaned

 or where things are in a random arrangement.

It soothes the psyche to find ways to create order.

With order comes predictability.

We like to know what to expect.

And when life throws fast balls at us, 

if there are areas of our

lives which are already ordered, 

it will be easier to respond in ways

that lessen the damage that comes when we are hit.

My love of decorating serves the function 

of adding order to my life,

via Pottery Barn

tapping into a desire to express my creativity, 

allowing me to work with tangibles 

(when my profession deals with mostly 

intangible things).

What about you?  

Have you thought about why you are drawn to 


What functions does this passion serve?  

What needs does it satisfy?

Until next time.. 



  1. I decorate to create beauty and peace but like you said order. I had never thought about it that way but you are so very right. I realize I like order. I grew up in a home with too much disorder and I believe that is part of why I crave it. My childhood home always had piles and piles, but my own home has very little clutter. I've alway wanted our home to be a haven, a place of sanctuary for my family.

    You asked how to link your blog with your fb. I am not sure how to do it. I do not have my fb, blog, and etsy linked together for safetly reasons. I do have links to my fb page and etsy on my blog, but I have chosen not to use the tool that connects them all together mostly because I do not trust the fb network. I go back on forth on deleting my fb. I like blogging and etsy but have never liked fb.

  2. I crave order, yet through be unmotivated I let things slide. I am most orderly when I am inspired and involved in interesting things. I can always gauge my mental state by looking at my wallet, purse, closet, car etc. When in disarray it is a sign I need to regroup.

  3. Fantastic post. I've actually thought a lot about this topic and have thought about posting something similar myself. I had never thought of my desire to decorate as a desire for order until you mentioned it. Interesting idea and makes sense. I consider myself both a visual person and an homebody, so it only makes sense for me to want my space to appealing.

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