Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Campaign Bed

Oh, the joys of a room make-over!

The best make-overs involve some things old

and some things new; and in this re-do,

I have acquired the bed of my dreams .

In my last post, I waxed rhapsodic about the allure

of campaign beds and mentioned that I had recently

ordered one from Restoration Hardware.

Their 19th century campaign bed is as gorgeous in person

as it is on their website!

I adore this iron canopy bed, which now dominates our bedroom,

filling it with grandure, inspiring a total make-over of this

tiny space. A new mattress by Stearns & Foster provides support

for slumbering bodies.

This is my bedroom prior to the make-over.

The walls were VERY green and much too dark

for my taste. The headboard was simply slip-covered in white cotton.

I had made it to try to add more white to offset the intensity of the green.

No matter how much white I added to the space,

the walls felt oppressive to me.

In the process of the make-over,

I painted the walls "Toasted Almond" by Olympic paints,

and the room is now soft, even in the harsh afternoon light.

The new bed brings vertical lines to heighten the

drama of the room.

I have owned this dresser for 20 years and am

still in love with the voluptuous lines of the mirror,

which beautifully reflects the curving lines of the canopy

An old sewing machine table that once belonged to my

grandmother serves as a bedside table.

Wall-mounted, swing-arm, aged-bronze lamps

added to either side of the bed, allow more surface area

on both bedside tables.

This is a great space-saving strategy for tiny bedrooms.

So each night, as I lie in bed reading myself to sleep,

I gaze around this bedroom and bask in its elegance.

As a hopeless romantic, bedrooms are my favorite rooms

in the house, and I have a need to both slumber and

awaken in beauty, calm, and luxury.

Now the bedroom I live in satisfies these basic needs.

Sweet dreams, dear readers. May your bedroom dreams

also come true.

Until next time...


  1. It is beautiful! Lucky lucky you. Happiness in the new year.

  2. I need romantic thoughts and this post sure gives it to me.its gorgeous Anne.The color you chose was just lovely.

  3. Your new bed and bedroom are simply gorgeous I love it Anne. What a sweet kitty to share it with, reminds me of all my sleepy time friends. Hope you are well...Happy New Year. Hugs - Carrie

  4. beautiful anne. that bed is a stunner. love the lighter walls too. xo janet

  5. This turned out really nicely. I go back and forth between wanting the airiness of light walls and the drama of dark walls. I quite liked the dark walls although I think you need to break it up with a lot of artwork or drapes or something to keep it from getting too overwhelming. You did a great job though. The new color really highlights the bed.

  6. Your bedroom is beautiful! I was considering this bed but it seems to high for my bedroom. May I ask what is the height of your ceiling?

  7. Your bedroom is beautiful! I was considering this bed but it seems to high for my bedroom. May I ask what is the height of your ceiling?

  8. Dear Kim,
    The ceiling in my new house is 10'. The bed is quite tall-- 102", so it does not fit in a standard room with an 8' ceiling. When I lived in the house where these pictures were taken, I had rigged it to fit, but it wasn't fully extended. See the related post about the bed from July 2012, where it is fully extended a room with a high ceiling. Thanks!


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