Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cottage Blues

My homage to the many blues of cottage style decorating....  

Most of us have heard that there, allegedly, are 50 shades of grey, 
but there is also an abundance of blue hues. 

I am drawn to the soft, the ethereal, the quiet ones.  Any colors that scream leave me feeling somewhat agitated and antsy.  Yet shades that evoke memories of the summer sea or of wildflowers blooming en masse in a dense woodland or of shrubbery framing a July garden 
whisper of peacefulness and well-being.   I have used the phrase before, but rooms that whisper, rather than shout, are the ones, for me, where a soulfulness pervades.  

Color, along with light, has a profound effect on mood.  In my home I strive to create a mood that is airy, soothing, and comfortable.  It is important for me to feel a connection to both the earth and the sky. With their origins in the natural world and celestial hues, these blues provide an element of both. 

While blue is not often thought of as a neutral, there are shades of blue that certainly bring out the best in other colors, such as a pale aqua with any shade of tan or grey.  And one might argue that navy can be a neutral, and is often used in place of black.  My passion for decorating with neutrals remains pure, despite a current love of blue.  

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