Friday, July 13, 2012

A fitting, new home for my campaign bed

As an unapologetic romantic, I have always had a fascination with bedrooms.  

Bedrooms are places that permit us to indulge our fantasies, decorating or otherwise.  

They are rooms where we do not have to censor ourselves, where we can let our tastes and preferences reign, where comfort and ease are priority.  These spaces are deliberately separated from the noise and activity of the rest of the house and the larger world, 
rooms dedicated solely to love-making, sleeping,
 and thus, to dreaming.  

The master bedroom at my new home is the kind of bedroom I have long dreamed of.  
My campaign bed sits proudly in the center of the three-sided bay, its sculptural fra% stretching toward the 10' ceiling.  The bed itself sits high off the floor, and I feel like princess when climbing in and out of it each day.

With a bed this grand, the rest of the room is intentionally kept simple.  Ivory walls and velvet curtains provide a peaceful backdrop that lets the bed stand out.  The pendant light, with its Edison-style bulb,  adds a bit of retro cool.  

The front porch is visible through the windows, establishing a connection to the outdoors.

The Victorian glider, a chair we picked up at an antiques strore in Franklin, Tennessee, is small but incredibly comfortable.  It is another piece that has great lines, so it seemed fitting to put it near the bed.

Bedding is also kept simple in color, form, and fabric.  Whites, creams, and greys create a restful atmosphere that is easy on the eyes when waking with the morning sun.

An antique mirror hangs across from the bed.  Its aged glass has a patina that compliments the muted furnishings and color palette.

The bedroom is romantic without being overly feminine, which allows my honey to be comfortable here. This room just might be my favorite place in the house.  As you have seen in the photos, my cats sure seem to like it also!

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  1. It's perfect. I don't know what else to say. It's lack of things is what makes it so.

  2. Raz,

    You leave the most wonderful comments, here and everywhere. What a gift you possess! Thanks so much for making my days brighter.

  3. Oh my, this is fabulous. Just love, white on shades of white, it is so crisp, inviting, fresh! & without a thing on the walls.... nothing is missing. Perfect - I'm inspired, perhaps there is some white paint in my own future...

    You truly have a gift with decor, Anne ;-)

  4. I love your editing. The room iincludes only what should be there. Hard as I try, I'm too much of a collector to keep it that way. The bed is a fantastic piece but I LOVE the light! So simple and unexpected.

    Also wanted to thank you for buying the book and for your very kind comments. They were very much appreciated.


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