Sunday, October 14, 2012

Changes that accompany fall

Fall brings many changes:

trees blaze amber, crimson and persimmon,

nights lengthen,

temperatures begin to drop.

For many of us, thoughts turn to hearth and home.

We long for cozy evenings by the fire,

pots of soup simmering on the stove,

good books to lose ourselves in,

snuggling under a bevy of blankets.

In honor of Halloween, I brought in a couple bits of orange, a color I have never used in my house before.  Black, grey, and cream keep it from being overbearing.

My reading corner gets into the game, with iron and orange accents.

The buffet in the dining room boasts a collection of earthy accents and a spooky mirror, perfect for Halloween.

Pyewacket sits next to the coffee table centerpiece.  She blends well with any decorating scheme!

 Another view of the living room, bathed in natural light.

This fall has been particularly busy.  We have traveled to Chicago to take Sadie to puppy boarding school, where she is going through an intensive training program.  She comes home next week.  We have also traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where we discovered the bliss of soaking in the thermal baths there.  

And we have also been doing some serious house-hunting.  We made an offer on an adorable cottage that I have fallen in love with.  Please keep your fingers crossed that the deal goes through.

Wishing you peace and wellness as the fall progresses.

Until next time...



  1. Such beautiful words and photos.

    Can`t wait to see Sadie, I bet she`s grown quite a bit!

    I`m keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you, Anne. Good luck :)


  2. You always surprise me....another house in the works.....can;t wait to see what you do with this you can;t wait to see the dog again.

  3. I am not a fan of orange either but your throw adds just the right pop of color. I love your grey chair! And what is are moving again!!!!? I thought this was the ideal cottage? You are too funny. I will follow you where ever you go. But I have loved seeing the glimpses of your current home. Beautiful window light.

  4. Hi Anne, my fingers are firmly crossed for your new home. Wishing you well. Puppy training sounds good our two dogs rule the roost here.


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