Monday, October 15, 2012

Seeking a little solitude

Yesterday afternoon we got out for a short walk in a secluded area of the Shawnee National Forest close to where I live.  This is the scene there this fall, with trees more beautiful than I have seen in years.  Nature is my solace.  

In regards to questions about why I am wanting to move (again), I will fill you in.  Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I have moved 3 times in the past 2 years.  Two of those houses were rentals, and I have a deep need to set down roots in a place I own.  This summer we moved into my sweetie's former law office, which is a building he owns.  This home is quite lovely, but it lacks the one things that realtors constantly harp on-- location, location, location.  An ideal location for a home and for a business are 2 very different things.  The house sits on the main street running through town, and there is near-constant traffic noise.  And since it was once an office, it has no back yard; there is, instead, a parking lot behind the house.  The other annoyance is that the neighbor to the west is a carryout pizza restaurant, whose light blaze all night long.  If it were possible to air lift this house to a piece of small acreage outside of town, I would find that to be the best of all worlds; alas, this is an impossibility. Sometimes it feels to me like apartment living, which is something that does not fit my needs for connecting with nature in my own backyard.  My goal in moving here in the first place was to try to allow some time to pass in order to recoup some of the money we invested in renovating it and to wait for the real estate market to improve before selling.  It was never meant to be a long-term arrangement.

My sweetie also longs for the open spaces and greenery of the tiny cottage we rented last year.  We miss being able to hear the owls in the evenings, being awakened by birdsong, seeing deer in the yard, viewing stars without the visual noise of street lights.  I deeply miss having a garden.  And now that we have Sadie, we NEED a yard for her to romp in, and, as my mom says, "do dog stuff."  We have found a house with a fabulous location, just outside of a nearby community.  It is closer to work for both of us, closer to friends, and closer to good grocery stores and restaurants.  There is space and privacy outside, and the inside is charming.   

Thank you so much for the positive energy around this house.  Nothing is finalized on paper yet, but things are heading in the right direction!

I hope this clarifies things.  

Until next time...


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