Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

With his white fur, pink nose and ears, and face shaped like a heart, Griffin seems the embodiment of a Valentine.  No bouquets of long-stemmed roses, candy hearts proclaiming "Be mine", be-ribboned boxes of chocolates, or sweeping sentiments of romance are needed when one this beautiful is in repose on the sofa, basking in late afternoon sun, purring softly beside me.  
He is love incarnate, the cat who came to live with us on the anniversary of our first date.
And this is enough for me.

Wishing you a Valentine's day filled with love and light.

Until next time...



  1. He is gorgeous. He would make the perfect accessory for my white sofa and hints of pink around the house. I do however have my beloved tabby Hannah who came to me at the worst time of my life and I treasure her. We almost lost her the other day, but thanks to a great vet, I think we will have her for a while longer. I love to watch cats relax on the sofa.

    I love his name too....

  2. The love from our furry companions is enough for me too! Look at your sweet Griffy.

    I had to protect my lil Bella from a huge dog at the park just this afternoon. He kept running towards us aggressively and the owner could care less. At one point I was standing on top of a bench holding my Bella while the big male dog(he was as tall as me) tried to get her! He jumped on the bench as he tried to get her. Then when he would not let up I ran to a young lady parked in her truck, she opened the door, I threw Bella in and closed the door while the big boy jumped all over me. I remained calm and only told him no repeatedly. I was afraid if I became aggressive that he would. It was complete rudeness on the owners part. I had to yell for him to come get his dog and put him on its leash. Needless to say I was pretty shaken once I got home. I am so thankful for the young lady who kindly helped us. The outcome I am afraid would have been much worst without her there.

  3. Ladies, I am thankful that your fur babies are okay. It sounds like you had some close calls-- very scary!


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