Saturday, February 8, 2014

Very pretty...

 I awoke on this grey morning to a delightful surprise.

My Meyer lemon tree has blossomed!  The heavenly scent is permeating my living room.  Last year, which was my first year with the little tree, it produced 5 lemons.  They have a bit of a tangerine taste to them and are somewhat sweeter than traditional lemons.  I am hoping for a bigger crop this year.  It takes about 9 months from flower to ripe fruit.  I waited in anticipation for this small miracle and was thrilled that it unfolded in my home. 

Here is my kitten Oberon posing with the lemon tree last summer before the fruits had ripened.

 I am thankful to my mom for giving me this tree.  It was a birthday present in 2012 and one that will delight me for many years to come.

This is just the perfect bit of springtime I have been needing to get me through the recent icy and snowy days. 

May your day also bring some sweet surprises.

Until next time...


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