Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inspiration and dreams

"Pay attention to what excites you, what propels you to day dream."

--- Thalisa Frank and Dorothy Wall

Daydreaming has been one of my
most indulged past-times lately.
I have spent hours upon hours thinking
about that old house I posted about recently.

We have decided to make an offer on it
and see what happens.

Last night even my sleeping dreams
were touched by my hopes of what might be.

In all this dreaming, I have come up with
a scheme of decor that I think
will suit my preferences,
my current furnishings,
and the house itself.
Here are some of my inspirations.
The house has a lot of natural wood in it,
floors, ceilings, doors, casings, baseboard,
along with many great windows.
As you know, I am drawn to neutrals,
natural materials and textures.
I live near a national forest, so the
woods are a continual source
of solace and inspiration.
These rooms blend all those elements beautifully,
I think.
What do you think?
All images courtesy of Marie Claire Maison.
Until next time...


  1. beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!
    How beautiful your new house WILL look.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I've been anxiously awaiting to hear for news about the house. I think the fact that you decided to go for that dream, speaks volumes about what is meant to be in our lives. Fingers are crossed that you do get it.
    I love your current home and all the pretty things you have - I'm sure whatever you do in the new one will be outstanding and lovely.
    I feel the most comfortable around old, worn and natural things and really believe those are what make a home more cozy and comfortable. I have a lot of wood in my home also and sometimes feel like it's a comforting blanket.
    Let us know right away with any news....

    Enjoy your day!

  3. I agree. I am so glad I found your blog as you are entering this new journey. I'm looking forward to following along.

  4. Oh Anne, I do hope you get it. If you are daydreaming about a house, it must be a special one.

  5. Hi Anne!

    Those rooms are so beautiful! I am sure if you get this house you will know exactly how to decorate it. I hope it does become yours ...then i get to see all the wonderful ideas you'll come up with. I just love old homes!
    Did i mention i love your slip covered furniture in your living room? I'm looking for a slip cover couch that doesn't cost an arm and a leg lol !
    Pamela xo

  6. There are a lot of elements in these rooms that I like a lot. I gravitate toward rooms that have a reduced color palette too. One of the things I found really helpful when I started working with an architect was writing down what specific things in an inspiration photo I liked. You may like a photo of a room but when you really focus in on what it is you like, it might be dark floors, beadboard, exposed beams or windows with layered window treatments. By writing them down, you'll start to see patterns develop in the elements you like and these are the things you can incorporate into a house. Best of luck with your offer on the house!

  7. It must be so exciting planning such a thing. I really hope you get your wish. I am keen to see how your ideas become realities too. Enjoy!

  8. Hello - I agree. Daydreaming and fantasizing are wonderful past times and I too visualize amazing places with fabulous interiors.
    I love the images you picked, and the floors in particular appeal to me. As you know my design aesthetic is very similar to yours. All this light, natural materials (wood) and simple charm is spot on. xx

    Hope you are well. Have missed you over at my corner lately.

    xx Charlotta


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