Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sources of inspiration

It is the final day of June,

and the heat that had

been bearing down on us

has finally broken.

Today I was able to turn off the air conditioning

and let the summer breezes

blow through the casements.

My cats are ecstatic!

We are getting ready for the first phase

of remodeling the dining room,

and I have been immersed in images

of rooms that inspire me.

Our room is a long, narrow space.

To avoid its propensity to be cave-like,

we have decided to add a window seat.

source: pottery barn

The window seat will be about

8 feet long and 30 inches deep;

with windows on all 3 sides

it will be a bump-out from the room.

This will bring in tons more light and fresh air,

provide built-in seating for the table,

and a spot that can be closed off

with curtains to sleep one guest.

It will even have storage underneath

for bulky bedding and assorted linens.

source: costal living

The room will have natural wood floors

and windows with divided lights.

The decor will be simple, natural,

textural, and pale.

source: pottery barn

French doors dividing the space

from the living room

will bid welcome to dinner guests.

source: country living

Slipcovered dining chairs and a dramatic

light fixture will surround the antique

pedestal table.

A sisal rug will provide texture underfoot.

Ah, that will be the fun part!

At this point we are just getting started

and there is much yet to be done.

I will keep you all updated as things progress.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Anne, the pictures are beautiful!I'm sure your new dining room will be beautiful.Tonight it's beautiful, and cool here in new jersey! I'm going for a long walk now, and look at all the pretty houses on the way....Kathy

  2. I think an overnight guest would love sleeping in the bumpout. What a great idea. You are right it will add so much light and also new dimension. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Hi Anne

    I love these photos!! The last one is perfect and i love all the french doors.
    How exciting to be renovating! I love doing that. Such pleasure.
    I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Great idea about the bump-out!!!
    Pamela xo

  4. hi anne,

    your renovations sound positively beautiful. it sounds as if it will be light filled and comfortable. cannot wait to see all the pics.


  5. I am a little bit glad you decided to stay too Anne. Looking forward to the progress updates.

  6. I can almost feel the sunshine through those lovely windows and the sea grass rug beneath my feet. This is going to be beautiful! The reno, however, that's a different story.....BUT, you can't have one without the other : ), so enjoy
    the journey! xx Suzanne


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