Thursday, June 3, 2010

The object of my affection

That old house I alluded to last week has been very
present on my mind.

I fall asleep thinking about how I would decorate it,
what colors to paint it,
what plants to add to the garden.

My husband and I went to look at it last Friday,
and here is the good news...

he loves it as much as I do!

It is a circa 1914 home, owned by only 2 other families
since its creation. It is basically a Queen Anne,
with a wrap-around front/side porch and 5 bedrooms.

We had actually looked at it in January and came close to
making an offer at that time. We were scared by
the uncertainty of the real estate market and backed out.

In the meantime the house sold to a family we know
and I was able to let go of my attachment to it (somewhat),
knowing they needed a large house, with many bedrooms,
much more than my little family did.

That sale fell through, and she is back on the market.
We have decided to try to make this house our own!

There are loose ends to tie up on our present house.
And of course, it must have a buyer.
But...if all the stars align properly, and the gods
are smiling down upon us,
and the universe is in perfect order,
it just might happen.

Here are pictures of the house-- raw and unstaged
(and horridly painted).

You are all visual people who can see
possibilities and potential,
so I thought I would share this with you.

This is the view from the large main parlor, looking toward the foyer. I love that cute coat closet under the stairs and all that woodwork. It is all original-- doors, moldings, casings, flooring.

View from the dining room looking into the front parlor. There are 2 sets of pocket doors that separate the dining room from each of the parlors flanking it.

A view of the kitchen looking into the dining room. That tile floor and wall paper drive me nuts, but at least they are easily changed. The built-in cupboard is accessible from the dining room and from the kitchen .

This is the view from the downstairs bedroom looking into the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen leaves much to be desired; however, my wheels are turning. There is a back door beyond the refrigerator that leads to a smallish wrap-around back porch.

This is the upstairs hallway. The entire house has beaded board ceilings.

A view of the front bedroom and its closet. The tacky shelves would have to go.

Another upstairs bedroom. That closet door is beautiful.

The upstairs bath with its original clawfoot tub.

I hope you can see why this house has a hold on me that just won't quit.

I feel it in my bones that this is supposed to be my home,

that I am supposed to be its steward.

Hapy house dreams to all of you.

Until next time...



  1. Anne,
    I am so excited for you! If you look closely, you'll see that the stars have already started to align for you.
    The house is amazingly beautiful ~ I can see why you fell in love with it. It seems so warm and comforting even without your special and pretty touches. The woodwork is spectacular and it has the original clawfoot tub!?! I know how it is when a house calls to you. That's when you know it's right and meant to be.
    All my prayers and best wishes are with you...

  2. Oh Anne...I love it love it !!! I hope it becomes yours and soon!
    Oh my what a beautiful home and those doors and staircase and best of all claw foot tub!
    I am so old house crazy it's not funny. I am so glad i met you means i'm not the only crazy one lol !
    I can't wait for more posts on this home.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my guest bath!
    Pamela xo

  3. Dear Anne,
    I told you that this house would become available to you. It is beautiful and is full of potential. I love this house and somehow it seems right for you. I bet you are so excited at the prospect of becoming the owners and gaurdians of this house. What is the garden like ? I'm sure that it's lovely. I wish you luck with it and keep us informed on how it's all going.
    Lots of love and luck to you Anne.You deserve it.
    Have a wonderful weekend. XXXX

  4. Oh Anne, it is fabulous! You could make a silk purse from this place. I love the doors.....and that bathtub...Crossing my fingers for you...

  5. So excitgin Anne! I hope your dreams come true! It's such a lovely house the porch sounds wonderful! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Anne, this house is so beautiful...OMG!! I LOVE old architecture. Thanks so much for sharing!! It seems to be in wonderful condition and has so many lovely original features still intact. With a little TLC, this home could be gorgeous!! I'm so excited for you...I hope you get it!!
    Also, thank you so much, Anne, for your recent visit and such nice comment about my garden!! It is very appreciated. :)
    Hugs ~ Jo

  7. Hi anne, found your blog through Jackies Hiome blog, and so glad i have! Ho my , what a beautiful house ,i will keep hoping every thing runs smooth for you and your wish is forfiled!Its lovely allready ,but look forward to see what design magic you work to make it into your HOME.. best wishes,Linda

  8. Oh Anne! It's BEAUTIFUL. This home is your dwelling space soul-mate! All that beauty and even a claw foot tub. I am in speechless joy for you and this possibility. ~tiffany

  9. ANNE! HOW exciting this news is!!!
    I bet that you are just bursting with excitement at the chance to live in a home that is truly YOU! I know you will make it even more beautiful than it already is.....and, it IS! I used to live in a wee Victorian in LaGrange, IL and I loved all the quirky things about it. That built in cabinet between the kitchen and dining room is so sweet, for example. I am crossing my fingers that it is meant to be yours! xx Suzanne

  10. Anne, this house is gorgeous!!! I can see why you fell for it!! I see all the potential for you and your husband xx

  11. It is lovely, and I hope you get your heart's desire. I loved your previous post with your present house and that lovely garden, and if you can bare to move on from that, then it must be right I think. Good luck.May all your memories go with you.

  12. hi anne,

    i don't know how this post got by me. i've been working on the layout of my blog and i guess i just missed it.

    this house is beyond fabulous. the woodwork alone is outstanding. i love the end of the hallway shot, just gorgeous. it looks like all it needs is a a few little cosmetic touches and you'll be set. how is the garden? i hope you guys get it, it will be fun to watch your progress. all those rooms to fill up and re-do, what fun.


  13. Anne,

    I LOVE THIS HOUSE! I could look at old houses for a living but I don't think it pays much. I don't normally like natural wood but I think it's really lovely in this house. The kitchen and sneak peek at the front foyer really attract me. It kind of cracks me up with all that's outdated that it has a little flat screen mounted on the wall in the bedroom.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll e-mail you about your daughter and Boston when I have a few minutes! steve

  14. Where is the house that you are looking at located?

  15. My family of six rented a restored house just like that about ten years ago. Seven bedrooms and eight baths! I think we changed the kids bedrooms around a couple of times that year. Good memories!

    By the way, we now live in a house that I felt in my bones too ; )

  16. I can see why you are dreaming of this old house. How amazing that it has had only two owners. That just delights me. Maybe it is time for you to move on to a new place...where dreams can come true. I don't know how you will part with your gardens and land and renovated kitchen though. But I can see all the fun you would have renovated this old house. Prayers for you. ox


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