Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boston bound...

Tomorrow morning bright and early,
my daughter, my husband and I will
be taking to the highway.
This journey of over 1000 miles
will take us across 6 states.

We are heading into the heart of Boston
as Britt, my daughter, begins a new chapter
in her young life.

She is entering the School of the Museum of Fine Arts,
where she will work and study for the next few years.

How delicious to be young and chasing a dream.

I am thrilled for the opportunities that await her---

To study all kinds of art all day, every day,

To live in a place where architectural gems
are treasured (this is university housing),

To have a world-renowned museum right next door

and intricately woven into one's place of
higher learning.

As this beautiful and talented young woman leaves

the nest, I also begin a new chapter in my life.

New adventures await me, and I am thrilled

about my opportunities as well.

I will be away from my blog for the next week

or so. I wish you all well in the meantime.

Until next time...


All images courtesy of smfa.


  1. hi anne,

    congratulations on launching your daughter into her own beautiful life.

    take care of your trip and enjoy every priceless moment.


  2. Anne, what an exciting time for your family. I am impressed that you see it as a time for new things for you too. That's a very good way to see it. When they go away, it changes them and the relationship with you in good ways. They appreciate you so much more and miss you and you them. It is so exciting when they come home or you visit, plus time for one to explore new things themself.

    Have a safe and wonderful journey in more ways than one


  3. All the very best to your daughter Anne!! What an exciting life she is headed for.
    I can't believe how calm and supportive you are about her leaving home! I hope I am as brave as you when my son's turn comes to leave home!
    Boston looks like a beautiful area. Love all the art pieces especially that childs head.
    Good Luck
    Pamela xo

  4. Have a wonderful trip!
    My daughter tried a
    pre-college program this
    summer at SCAD and loved
    it. Your daughter is
    going to have such fun
    pursuing her dreams!
    What a wonderful school.
    My girl is waffling a bit
    now, about only doing art....
    She loves science, too.
    Good thing she has a few
    years still to work it out : )
    Drive safely and have
    a blast!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Boston is such a great city, especially in the Fall and I wish your daughter the best time!


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