Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall in my neck of the woods

Fall is at its peak this week.

The sweet gum trees are ablaze with coral,

and the dogwoods sport their crimson coats.

I have been marking the season's progress

in my own backyard and in the surrounding area.

A dogwood flares in the woods behind my house.

Grasses wave at the windmill presiding on the hillside

of a 125 acre private garden a little ways from my house.

Emerald green arborvitae contrasts with the yellowing

foliage of a bald cypress (the same trees that populate

swamps in the deep south. They are also native to this region).

My backyard glows on a bright morning.

A path is lined with boxwood at the aforementioned

private garden in the woods.

Classic southern Illinois views, looking out over the

Shawnee Hills.

Another dogwood on our property....

And another. The holly in the foreground seems so sharp

by comparison.

Oranges and yellows stand out amid the brush of greenery

still on the ground.

Moss lines the path deep in the woods.

Bittersweet vines from the woods make their way indoors.

I hope you are enjoying the many graces of this

season of evanesence.

Now is the time to take to the woods...

Winter will be here much too soon.

Until next time...


  1. How wonderful to have that gorgeous scenery in your own backyard. I love the grasses. I must plant some more in my yard as hey look great in the Winter too. Have a great weekend Anne.

  2. beautiful photography anne. the landscape at the private garden is breathtaking.

  3. These are beautiful photos...what a peaceful place you're at now. I would feel so thankful everyday if I had that landscape to look at.

    The midwest seems especially colorful and bright this fall...hope you enjoy it all. And I hope things are going wonderful for you ~

    I've missed your posts! :)


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