Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Charm City

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.
~ Seneca

I just got home from a visit to Baltimore,

where I spent 3 days walking around the inner harbor,

taking a multitude of photos.

There is an extensive paved walkway all along the harbor.

It winds around shopping areas, restaurants, hotels, condos,

and, ultimately, into the very old neighborhoods.

Fells Point, seen above, was established in the mid-1700's.

It is full of charming, cobblestone streets and brick buildings.

This statue stands erect in front of the grandest city hall

I have ever seen.

This is street scene from the historical Mt. Vernon area.

A monument to George Washington presides over a square

in Mt. Vernon.

This gothic church impressed me with its incredible detail

in the stone and brick work.

Statues of revolutionary war heroes abound in the Mt. Vernon area.

A view of the harbor from an industrial pier across the way.

The top of the condominium building at the left is crowned

with a lighthouse.

Luxury living is abundant along the harbor.

Federal Hill, where this photo was taken, was once a civil war lookout.

It still stands guard over the inner harbor.

A mosaic egg seems to have fallen from the nest at the American

Museum of Visionary Art, where I spent a good part of an afternoon

wandering and getting inspired.

The inside of a weathered, wooden tower in the museum

garden poses nicely for me.

The entrance to the museum, where all that glitters is not

just gold.

More harbor views from my hours spent wandering...

Upscale living accommodations are seen along the right,

overlooking the harbor.

A sailboat drifted past as I walked.

A closer view of the beautiful boat.

The Fells Point area has more of a Bohemian feel than the

other parts of the city I had seen;

it is full of art galleries, taverns, and eclectic shops.

This is the entrance to the old pier, a building whose fate is

uncertain and controversial, as it is on prime waterfront

real estate, and many opposing interests are vying for it.

A pretty, private courtyard overlooking the bay.

A water pumping station and former public works


I fell in love with this building and photographed

it a dozen times, from all different angles.

This is from across the harbor, looking toward our hotel.

Dusk is gathering at Pier 5.

The USS Constellation, a ship docked permanently,

is part of the Maritime Museum.

Behind the USS Constellation is the World Trade Center.

An old lighthouse was moved to Pier 5 where it now presides.

Wandering through this city helped me to stay present in my experience

and rejuvenate my spirit. Traveling enables us to see the subtlety and

nuances we often miss in the course of our hectic lives.

It allows us to slow down and to breathe.

May your travels be safe and happy as this busy

season nears. May you also be re-invigorated and restored.

Until next time...

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