Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My newest hobby

Have you heard of Pinterest?

It is my latest obsession on-line.

Pinterest allows you to create inspiration boards on any topic you choose

and to continue to build them as you go along.

My boards are growing.

I have 14 of them covering a range of topics

from art to architecture,

from gardens to nature,

and, of course, interior spaces.

Here are some highlights:

The beauty of Pinterest is its speed and ease.

And there are so many gorgeous images out there;

at the click of a button, they become yours.

How many of you use this application?

And how do you keep interested (and viable)

in the world of blogging?

My interest is waning.

Until next time...



  1. Oh Anne,
    Please don't let your interest in blogging wane.....I love reading your posts.
    ....and, I also love Pinterest. I've even seen some of my own photographs on there !!
    Enjoy your new interests and please keep blogging. XXXX

  2. Hi Anne; I hope you don't give up your blogging thoughts and wonderful photos--I love your inspiration--even the ones recently posted from pinterest. Me, too, loving pinterest and have my little storage of wonderful pics for "whenever" I can do or afford such lovely things. I love it when other bloggers (like you) share what they've found--that inspires me. Have a great Friday and weekend. Patty

  3. i wish i knew how to keep my interests from waning but i don't. it's getting worse too. have we just run our course?

  4. I love Pinterest too but its so addictive lol!I am off to follow Anne. Have a good week!

  5. Hi, Anne. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by. I visited over the weekend and it lit a fire under me to figure out a stumbling block I was having with installing the Pinterest pin tool. It's great for assembling and organizing ideas for sure.

    Hope you're doing well.



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