Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Design your dream home

A recent theme in the world of Pottery Barn has been

"Design your dream home."

Flipping through their catalog,

I am reminded of a favorite pasttime

from my childhood.

To entertain myself, I would spend hours

clipping images from the only catalog I knew

back then, J.C. Penney.

These clippings would represent my youthful ideas

about perfection in decor.

I would select a bedroom suite for myself, one for guests,

one for a child. Then I would move on to living room furniture,

dining room furniture, kitchen wares and accessories.

I wonder how many of you out there also did the same type of things.

Now, all these years later,

I still find myself looking at catalogs and magazines

in much the same way.

So, I am following Pottery Barn's directive,

and indulging in my old love of design.

With images gleaned from the Pottery Barn website,

this is my dream home:

What does your dream home look like?

Until next time...


  1. Oh Anne every picture seems to say "you" subdued ,classic ,long lasting.I found your blog when I was coming to the end of my hard place so to speak and you were just starting.Wanted you to know I still root for you.
    Now enough of that don't you think that mood or where your heart is also determines your style? Like with you soft quiet spaces small on color and accents and texture everywhere animal skin and harsh wicker baskets with prickly edges adding candles when evening draws near its free of clutter it says adventure and peace spicy scents(patchouli and sandalwood) envelopes my home and small rooms with dark wood furniture that envelopes. Our nesting place our home. You have made me really see my space maybe I will post on this very subject later in the week.Have a good week Anne.Cant wait to see your new space and to see"you" in it.

  2. Me too, I used to clip and pile my dreams from the Aldens and Speigel catalogs! I'm now clipping and pinning (some things don't change); I love your style and like what you posted--those rooms are so lovely, yet simple to obtain--you already do that with your lovely home. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great week.


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