Friday, November 11, 2011

Reflections on a frosty morning

Our first real frost occurred last night.

I awoke early, despite having a day off.

The sun was beginning its ascent into the eastern sky,

as I peeked through the open window to see that the hand

of winter had waved over the grasses and trees while I slept.

The thick frost was spread over the farm fields to the north...

And westward toward the road, where the cypress trees

are holding fast to the last of their leaves.

And out across the back yard to the northeast, where a stand

of pines in the distance marks the edge of the arboretum.

The leaf cover to the southwest is almost gone now.

Sculptural branches and trunks reach skyward.

I welcome the coming of winter this year,

looking forward to days spent inside with endless cups

of Constant Comment (an old standard), squashes roasting

in the oven, art supplies scattered upon my desktop.

Winter affords the luxury of staying in, of time spent in

reflection, of down comforters and nubby sweaters.

Let the snows fly, let the winds howl, let the cold set in....

Until next time...


  1. Oh Anne you make cold sound wonderful!

  2. Hi Anne, Your photos are so beautiful. So glad to hear from you.Hope your doing well.Have a great weekend.



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