Monday, November 14, 2011

Campaign beds

image: Restoration Hardware

A 19th century campaign-style bed has long been a dream of mine.

When I was a little girl, I was often compared to the princess

in the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea."

image: charles p. rogers

Having a confortable and beautiful bed is very important to me.

image: charles p. rogers

Campaign beds have a certain element of fantasy about them.

Image: quintessenceblog

When dressed with voile or organza curtains,

the bed seems as light as air,

the perfect place to launch a dreamer on her way to slumberland.

image: patricia gray inc.

The style of the canopy varies somewhat, but most of them

are bell-shaped, which ups the romance quotient.

image: anthroploogie

They are simple in nature and honest in form.

Campaign beds were designed to provide European military officers

some measure of comfort while out fighting their campaigns

for world domination.

image: patricia gray inc.

Mine will be associated with a much gentler purpose--

restoration of mind and body, along with a little indulgence in fantasy.

image: LA design concepts

As you can see, headboard styles vary somewhat, from a panel

to a simple bar stretching across the head and foot of the bed.

image: marie claire maison

They stand as the focal point in any room they inhabit.

image: restoration hardware

Last night, I ordered this one from Restoration Hardware.

It is an early holiday gift my partner and I are giving one another.

He had wanted to buy me jewelry, but I would rather have a bed.

There is nothing more romantic to me than a curvacious bed,

a place to spend our precious nights together.

I am so excited!

Last night I dreamed about beds all during my slumbers.

Hoping there is sweetness and the realization of long-held

dreams in your life.

Until next time...


  1. Lucky girl Anne...what a gorgeous gift. I hope you got the family and friends 20% off discount.

    What a beautiful choice of bed. Nice and simple but dramatic. Will you drape it?

  2. Chania,

    The bed was on sale, fortunately, and turned out to be a better deal than the friends and family discount. I do plan to drape it with some creamy voile sheers.

    As Mary-Chapin Carpenter sang, "I feel lucky.."

  3. Fantastic, fantastic choice! I'm excited to see how it will look in your room. I'm a big fan of these beds too, but had no idea they were called campaign beds. You schooled me. Glad to know yours will be used for a gentler purpose than world domination!

  4. Hi Anne
    Well I can relate to the princess and the pea quips.. in fact I'm still like it!!

    Love that first bed.. it's simplicity is beautiful!! wish we had restoration hardware here!! I'm sure you'll be pleased with your purchase!!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  5. My favorite kind of gift giving. I'd much rather have furniture or items for the home than jewelry too. Sooooo...Anne, you are in love again? I'm so happy for you. ox


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