Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet Pyewacket

In November, we lost one of our long-time feline friends here at our tiny cottage and gained a new one.  Meet Pyewacket.  She is a pure-bred Persian kitten whom I acquired from Craigslist (for free!).  Her prior owner had received her as a gift, and the owner's other cat refused to accept this little creature.  She needed a new home, and I needed a distraction to help me with my grief.  In reality, we rescued each other.  

We named her Pyewacket, after a Siamese cat in the 1958 movie starring James Stewart and Kim Novak, Bell, Book and Candle.  

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In the movie, Kim Novak plays a witch, and her Pyewacket is her familiar.  Jimmy Stewart plays the ordinary man who falls for Kim despite her witchy ways.  It is an adorable movie and quite stylish for the time period.   

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James Stewart's character balks, bumbles and stumbles in typical James Stewart fashion. 

Our kitty is obviously not a siamese.  At nine months old, Pye weighs just 4 1/2 pounds.  She is all fur!  Pye is the happiest cat I have ever known.  She leaps up onto the bed with delight when she realizes I am awake each morning.

Her face is incredibly flat, which unfortunately, causes some breathing problems.  The standard for this breed has become more and more flat-faced.  I would never pay money to support an industry that knowingly breeds problems into animals just to achieve an arbitrary standard of beauty.   

She has brought such joy to my heart.  Despite the intense upkeep of that heavy undercoat, I wouldn't trade her for the world.  When I took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago to be spayed, I had been overwhelmed by the care required to keep her coat smooth and tangle-free.  In my efforts to cut out some mats under her arms, I had unknowingly cut her.   The vet found the injury and stitched it up.  I was mortified that I had hurt her and didn't even know about it.  That really shows how easy going she is-- she didn't even complain.  The vet technician had shaved off the mats on her belly and showed me the proper grooming tools to use.  Now I have a handle on her fur.  Despite the intense upkeep of that heavy undercoat, I wouldn't trade her for the world.

If any of you also own Persian cats, please share any tips you have for grooming and maintenance of their downy fur.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! She has the round eyes and head of an owl, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh Anne,
    Pyewacket is beautiful and has really fallen on her feet to be living with you. We had three cats, all gone now, but, our ginger one, although a moggy, had quite long hair and was fine until he got old and couldn't clean himself so well. I used to brush and brush his fur but it was very difficult to keep groomed. You will be fine though as I'm sure that,what with her being young and with you grooming her, she will look beautiful.
    Enjoy having her with you. XXXX

    1. Hi Jackie, The grooming is getting easier. We are in a nightly routine of combing and brushing and some of the leftover mats are coming out fairly easily. Getting into good habits when she is young will make a huge difference later on. Things were fine until we traveled over the holidays and were gone for 10 days. By the time I got home, it was out of control.

      Thank you so much for the gracious comments you always leave me. I am so appreciative that you take the time and make the effort to stop by!

  3. Hi Dear Anne
    Thanks so much for popping in on me..I've been such a slacker with blog visits lately.. just no time..

    Pyewacket certainly has character.. and I'm sure she will be up to all sorts of tricks.. I can't really advise on upkeep.. we had a part persian when i was a child.. but the thing was erratic and ended up in strife with only 3 legs.. We had her for 17 years though.. always kept us on our toes..

    Thanks so much for your kind words also.. you inspired me to give the 2nd image a bit more gusto.. or should I say more art nouveau...

    Have a great weekend. ciao xxx Julie

    OH.. almost forgot.. I've never seen this movie... and I love the classics so great to hear of one unknown to me.. Wonder if it was the pre-cursor/inspiration for the tv series bewitched..

    1. Hi Julie, Bell, Book and Candle WAS the inspiration for Bewitched. I didn't realize that until my honey told me about it. Good for you for catching the connection! Thanks for the visit!


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