Friday, February 10, 2012

On love and roses

 With the approach of Valentine's Day, the color pink is on my mind.  
 It is, of course, associated with love and romance.   
New feelings of love blossom visibly with a rosy glow upon the cheeks.  
We blush when meeting the longing gaze of our beloved.  
Our bodies are flushed with the afterglow of lovemaking.

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It is no coincidence that the French word for pink is rose or  that pink is the color of newfound love.
In the language of flowers, pink roses symbolize perfect happiness.
In my experience, there is no feeling more blissful than the euphoria of falling in love.

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Roses are the essence of sensuality, with an intoxicating fragrance, a voluptuous form, and the luscious delicacy of individual petals.
Secrets lay hidden within their layers, and parting the petals or stripping them off one by one,
reveals the truths of their beauty.
The soul of a rose reverberates to its core.
There is certainly beauty on the outside, but roses, like anything worth loving, are just as magical when all the exterior finery has been torn away, when petals lay strewn across the floor,
when it becomes brittle with dessication and age.
They are gorgeous on every level and at every stage of being.

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Roses are often used as a poetic device to convey loving sentiments.  
Lying a beloved down upon a bed of roses, as promised by Christopher Marlowe, 
"And I will make thee beds of roses and a thousand fragrant posies..." 
speaks of the tenderness and renewal of love's promise.   

Modern writers still call upon the symbolism of roses to convey the depth of feeling and nuances 
of a complex love:
"If I say your voice is an amber waterfall in which I yearn to burn each day, if you eat my mouth like a mystical rose with powers of healing and damnation, if I confess that your body is the civilization I long to experience... would it mean we are close to knowing something about love?"
~ Aberjhani, Collected Visions of a Skykark Dressed in Black

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Rosy hues flatter most skin tones, giving us all a youthful, healthy glow.
Rose water, attar of roses, and rose oil have been prized for centuries 
for the health benefits to our skin, hair, and rose petals have use as a flavoring in the kitchen.  
Do you remember the quails in rose petal sauce from the book by Laura Esquivel 
Like Water for Chocolate? 
So sexy!

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Shades of red are known to stimulate the appetite, and thus many restaurants use red in their decor to help their customers feel the hunger.  
My guess is that shades of pink stimulate  our other appetites as well. 

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Rosy shades are complimented by greens, a most natural pairing, 
and one that speaks of spring, renewal and freshness.  
In February, when the gray days of winter can wear on the spirit, 
shades of pink hint at the coming of spring 
and the promise of roses. 

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The palest pinks are the ones I am most drawn to.  
They contain just a hint, a whisper, a blush,  of rosy undertones.  
As an introrvert, subtlety is what appeals to my senses.  I have never been one for the loud or the brash or the vibrant, all of which feel like an assault to me. 
I prefer quiet and calm in all things.
Make no mistake that this approach to living is lacking in passion!
A slow, smoky passion burns longer and produces coals, which retain more heat,
than a blazing fire. That flash of heat and light is over quickly.
Red roses are said to symbolize passionate love, but I will take the pink.
Over time, the crimson fades, and I find their scent to be less captivating.

Wishing you a sensuous season filled with love and roses.
Until next time...


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