Monday, February 20, 2012

A room with a view

  "Life is a race I never want to win; I'd rather stroll around enjoying the scenery."

~Aditya Chandra

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Whether sweeping views of the sea,

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or of a lovingly tended garden,

via journal de la maison

or a charming view of rooftops,

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a room with windows saluting the earth and sky is one where I feel most serene.

via art-decoration

Dreams need air to breathe, and my thoughts need air to take flight.

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In rooms like these, I would feel most inspired.

What spaces inspire you the most?

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  1. A Room With A View is on of my that I watch over and over. My kids tease me about the naked men swimming in the pond scene! I'll take the view of the first photo. Sometimes I imagine the ocean on the otherside of my garden gate, but wetlands is with wildlife is better than a home. Hopefully they will never build behind us.

  2. Beautiful rooms with beautiful views Anne! My favorite room would have to have a view of the sea...I'm a coastal girl all the way! ~Deb~

  3. This is really interesting, Anne, because I was thinking of doing a post about techniques that photographers and stylists use to keep the viewers eye IN the room instead of out. But here we have a whole set where we focus out of the room first. At least I do!


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