Monday, May 31, 2010

A garden of memories

My garden, much like my house,
is a place where memories become fused with dreams.

Each plant and shrub has a story connected with it,
relating to where I may have gotten it,
who may have given it to me,
and my own personal associations.

This Annabelle hydrangea was a gift from
my dear friend, Country Bob.

I have gardened here for almost 15 years,
and much life has passed
in that time.
When we first moved here,
there were some common
lavender-colored irises in front
and a swath of orange daylilies along the back.

It has grown significantly since then.

The large central bed in the back was established in 1998.

Even when nothing is in bloom,
it is a study in form and texture.

This Forever and Ever hydrangea was added last year
and is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

These shade-loving hostas and ferns

found their home here in 2000.

We built the garage in 1998
and the garden sprung up around it.
Shortly before he died, my son helped me
build the central bed in the front.
After his death, we planted oodles
of perennials
to round it out
and to remain connected to life.

Gardening is good therapy.

The patio is sited in a spot that held a swimming pool
for our children when they were young.
Their squeals of joy still echo from here sometimes;
if you listen closely you can hear them.

An Americana climber is coming to embrace

its new home in the front, central bed.

This one is my daughter's favorite rose.

My garden dreams include:

more roses, more shrubbery, stone paths,

additional iron fencing, and a water feature.

Then I might be able to say that the garden is finished.

Who am I kidding? No garden is ever complete.

On this Memorial day, I wish you some time

for reflection and for reverie---

a time to remember and a time to dream.

Until next time...



  1. hi anne,

    what a beautiful post and such a loving tribute to your son. i, too garden for therapy. i think everyone does. i don't know where i'd be without my garden. probably a loony bin!

    i love the way your garden has evolved and has so many memories buried deep in the soil.


  2. Hi Anne, what a lovely post! I enjoyed all of it.... the photos, the memories and mostly your thoughts.


  3. Just a lovely enchanting garden. You must find alot of peace and comfort being in it. I love gardens especially hydrangeas.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    Pamela from French Buttons

  4. Anne..just beautiful...lush and green...those hydrangeas are to die for...miss seeing them around now that winter has truly hit. Hope you are well lovely x

  5. Anne, You have such a large garden!. So full of gorgeous perrenials. I think gardening is wonderfully therapeutic. There is something about the fact it cycles and renews and changes but is a constant at the same time. I always look forward to my morning rounds to see the changes each day, especially after a night rain.

  6. Hi, dear Anne,
    Your garden is just how I like a garden to be. I think that you must have similar growing conditions to us. As you know, hostas and ferns are prolific in our garden. We are always finding seedlings from the ferns, growing in the wall and pot them up and, in no time at all they are huge.
    I think one of my favourite parts of your garden are the iron gates..... I am rather envious of those !!It is so lovely that you can garden in that bed that your son helped you with. It really must be so theraputic.
    Your garden is beautiful and has a real Victorian charm about it.
    Have a lovely week, Anne. XXXX

  7. Hello Anne!
    Your garden is so lovely.. I'm green with envy. :) I love that it is dear to your heart. I've been in the process of looking for hydrangeas to add to my garden & your blue ones are exactly the colour I would love to have.. so I'm making note of forever & ever. I really like your new font size & text style with the grey/black.. it's simple, makes your photography pop & is very readible.. not saying that your old text was hard to read.. I'm just saying I *really* like this look! :)Your garden is so serene & beautiful! Take care.

  8. We all have our little "Paradise" to call our own, don't we... and yours is gorgeous. I can see angels walking there... I will have to comwe back again and sit with them for a while ;) Nice meeting you!


  9. I love how your garden is so full of life, love and good memories. It shows that you are closely connected to each and every corner of it. What I also love is that you allow each plant and flower to maintain its own personality. The garden isn't moulded into some perfect and overly groomed manifestation. Instead there is movement, textures and colour in a much more (in my mind) beautiful expression. It's divine Anne!

    xx Charlotta


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