Friday, August 6, 2010

On Writing

As if managing one blog is not enough,

I have gone and done it again--

started another one, that is.

This one is dedicated to creative writing.

It is a place where the poetry, short stories,

and essays that have been filling up

page after page of my journal
are going to encounter a wider audience.

House of Mist and Fog is a place
where the written word springs to life.
I will share pieces of my own making,
along with the process of creation,
and thoughts about those who have
inspired me along the way.
Please stop in for a visit.
I have only just begun, so there is
much more to follow soon.
Until next time...


  1. I will visit your other blog Anne!
    I have another one also and sometimes wonder why i do! More work for me lol!
    Happy weekend to you!
    Pamela xo

  2. Pamela, I would love to see your other blog also. There are a few of us who manage more than one. It is more work, but it's nice to be diversified. I'll make a point to find your other one and check it out. :)


  3. Hi Anne-
    Love your writing, I'm so happy you have decided to dedicate another blog to your writing! Thank you for all your kind words!


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