Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What dreams may come

Come, follow me
into a fantasy land
where time stands still.

This is a world where
the earth rises up to greet us,

where little pools hold
mysteries of the deep,

where relics from the past
give rise to new notions
of functional beauty,

where age equates with grace,

where wood, stone, concrete and faded fabrics
embrace one another in a gentle kiss,

where treasures from nature are honored
alongside vestiges from another age,

where little outposts of loveliness
are just around the bend,

where dappled shade encourages reverie,

where swimming pools are reminiscent
of Roman baths,

where use of large-scale ornamentation
adds delight,

where playful sprites come to rest.
This is the world of landscape designer,
antiquities proprietor, fantasy-maker
Michael Trapp.
In his world,
all my garden dreams come true.
Do you remember the movie
What Dreams May Come,
starring Robin Williams and Annabella Sciora?
This is a movie about life, love,
the after-life, and re-birth.
It proposes that in the after-life,
each soul creates a heaven of its own design.
This is to be a place where one truly feels at home,
a place resonant with a beauty
so deep and haunting,
it may bring one to tears.
My own nirvana would surely
take cues from Michael Trapp.
What about yours?
Until next time...
All images courtesy of Michael Trapp.


  1. Can I live there?? This is what I wish I could create...this is the look I love.

  2. What a magnificent place! I have not seen that movie, but I will look or it now.


  3. I love that movie...it is one of my all time favorites. Love these photos too. My imagined heaven would have to inclue a beach!

  4. hi anne,

    well that works for me. such beauty.


  5. Wow, gorgeous pictures! Hope you have a wonerful day!

  6. Beautiful images and gardens Anne
    I do remember that movie.. gee .. showing my age I think..

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  7. Oh Anne, thank you for the visual tour, and your narrative skills made it all the more pleasurable.
    Michael Trapp is definitely a talented designer. I could just sit in any of these beautiful places all day and be perfectly content.

    Thanks for sharing!!!


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