Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to my humble abode

Heading south on a back road out of town,

around the curve and down the hill,

past the old white farm house surrounded by

beds of ecologically-grown produce,

one arrives at my humble home.

a former orchard keeper's cottage.

It was built in the 1920's, when all the land surrounding it

was under cultivation as an apple orchard.

Fallow farm fields rise to the north.

An arboretum lies just beyond the fields.

Wildlife love cruising across the fields in the evening hours.

The back deck overlooks the woods to the east.

Trails dissect the oak-hickory woodland

and cedar studded meadow.

A hammock stretched between two mature trees

provides a shady spot to rest on a warm day

(lately it's been too hot to enjoy being outside, though).

Inside, however, is cool and serene.

The house was renovated in the 1990's.

It is tiny, consisting only of four rooms

and a bathroom plus a nicely-sized closet.

Living and dining spaces are carved out of the main room, and

an office area is squeezed in behind the sofa.

Living here has been an exercise in purging things

that are neither functional nor dear to my heart.

This beat up walnut low dresser is one of those pieces

I still cherish for its solidity.

Many books corralled throughout the house,

avid reader and lover of story that I am, I have a hard

time parting with good books.

They are like old familiar friends.

Outside every window are expanses of green.

Windows are simply dressed with white panel curtains.

The candle chandelier sparkles in the light.

The dining area is bathed in brilliance.

Deep window sills provide a resting spot for potted plants

and decorative objects.

The kitchen contains 1950's cabinetry and hardware.

It's simplicity appeals to the minimalist in me.

The floors are the original pine tongue-and-groove boards,

refinished a few years ago.

Tall baseboards provide character.

The master bedroom is both bright and cozy.

My kitty, Igby, seems quite content.

I recently made a slip cover for the headboard.

A cozy corner of the guest room, where my favorite

chair presides.

This old cottage offers shelter from the many storms

that blow across the landscape,

and it has become my home,

the place where all my journeys end.

Until next time...



  1. It's perfect. All you need in one perfect package. Your style is very peaceful calming and natural.

  2. It is so beautiful Anne. I'm so happy for grateful you found a place in the country to lay your head in rest.

  3. i will look forward to posts from your new humble abode. You have been missed more than you know.

  4. i think every woman i know (including me) has a secret dream to live somewhere like this. anne, you are LIVING this dream. life is beautiful.


  5. I love your spaces and how you decorate. Seeing your favorite chair has inspired me to try sewing a slipcover for my slipper-chairs; it'll take me forever to complete. Have a great week and enjoy your beautiful surroundings.


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