Monday, February 22, 2010

Am I Blue?

Today I am in the mood for the quietest of blues: shades that call to mind a spring sky, the seaside in the rain, or mists rising off the lake in early morning. These shades, like the palest robin's egg whisper rather than speak. They provide solace for a tired mind and a weary heart.

Come along for a peek at gorgeous ways to incorporate paler shades of blue into your palette. All images here are from Better Homes and Gardens.

These simple slat chairs look gorgeous against the walnut-stained floor. They also add an outdoor element to the room. Paired with white, both hues look fresh and light as air.

The only color in this guest room comes from the painted chest of drawers. It casts a subtle glow that emanates from that corner of the room like an aura of quietude. Notice the height and grandeur of the metal bed and how it plays against the simplicity of the rest of the room.

This room is all about softness, from the bed to the curtains to the covered table in the corner. The curvy lines of the furniture reinforce the theme. What a lovely place to lie down for a luxurious afternoon nap!

Romance is just exuded from this room. Canopy beds and soft blues were my first decorating loves. This room would have been the room of my dreams when I was a young girl, with one bed for me and one for my best friend, Kelly, who frequently spent the night. The layers of fabric add more softness and comfort. Notice the gray tone of the beds against the white and cornflower blue.

This well-equipped closet appeals to my sense of order. Hints of blue keep it interesting. And notice the beadboard behind the shelves--you know about my love of beadboard!

A lovely corner of the kitchen. Here blues dominate the scene but manage to remain hushed. The yellow flowers and urn of greens punctuate the quiet here. The goblets in the cupboard are reminescent of jewels. The mini corinthian column on the counter adds a touch of whimsy.

Here is a larger view of the same pretty kitchen. The blues pair well with the maple countertop and beige tones in the cabinets and flooring. I love the openness of the upper cabinets. Removing doors keeps the room light and offers space to display pretty dishes.
I hope you have enjoyed study in blue and white. May it provide an antidote to the grayness of the day.
Until next time...

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