Monday, February 8, 2010

A Fine Romance...

With the coming of Valentine's Day and my own anniversary, I have love on the brain. Today I have gathered some images that speak the language of romance from Country Home. The rooms and tablescapes here were styled by my all-time favorite designer, Tricia Foley. She is well known for her love of white. The vignettes here are actually decorated for the winter holiday season, but I see no reason why these ideas could not be incorporated into rooms year round.

Come take a peek and discover ways to add a little spark to your life.

Pinks and reds look luxe next to sparkling mercury glass and crystal. The whole assemblage is set atop a dark wood side board.

Simple white accents add more softness to this spare room. Notice the white painted twig wreath, the vase of white tulips and the strands of pearls hung on the door latch.

This side board is alive with juicy colored flowers and rich potted evergreens. Notice how the elements are arranged assymetrically and vary in material, height and scale. The simple and earthy share space with the feminine and refined. This adds a layer of visual texture to the grouping and engages the eye. Candlelight always boosts the romance quotient.

This corner of the bedroom offers a cozy spot to snugle with your sweetie (be it an adult human, a sleepy child or a fluffy feline). The layers of subtle accents whisper, rather than shout. They invite you to quiet contemplation or shared intimacies. The fireplace adds a warm glow and creates some heat. This room looks fresh and gorgeous any time of the year.
I invite you to add some passion to your rooms as Valentine's Day is approaching and to consider ways to keep the flame burning all through the year.
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