Saturday, February 27, 2010

A toast to kitchens all in white

There is something about kitchens done all in white that just sends me. They are always fresh, clean, and bright. They have a sense of always having been there and never seem dated, unlike wood tones and color schemes which quickly fall out of favor. White kitchens are eternal. They invite you to pay attention to detail, such as carving in the wood or patterns in the tile.

Come and take a look at some of my favorites from House Beautiful.

I quite adore the warm white and black color scheme here. The cabinets are simply designed and blend beautifully with the Aga cooker (how I would love to have one of those). The black countertops and hardware add nice contrast. The glass-front upper cabinet bounces light around and show off pretty dishes, while echoing the window muntins. Touches like the brackets below the cabinets and on the range hood add a dash of spice to the mix.

Another view of the same kitchen shows an abundance of drawers, a farm sink, and gorgeous wide-plank flooring. The lights above the island and the clock add more bold bursts of black to punctuate the space.

This kitchen also plays on the black-and-white theme. The islands have nicely detailed legs atached to their sides for a dressy note. I like the industrial-looking light fixtures for a modern counterpoint. The arches in the doorway and the window beyond are sublime.

This kitchen has a sort of Victorian-meets-English country vibe. It beautifully pairs the rustic (pieces like the cupboard, island, stool, and table) with the refined (marble countertops, detailed cabinetry, and ornate ceiling). I am intrigued by the assortment of items on display in the cupboard--I imagine that each piece has a story of its own.

Another view of the same kitchen shows the stunning French range in its niche. The pots hang like jewelry above the island.

Notice the simplicity of the lines in this kitchen, The cabinetry is straight-forward, spare, but still lovely in pure white. I love the faucet and sink, which have a platinum-colored finish. They gleam against the well-scrubbed marble. The glass-front cabinets lift the eye upward.

I hope you can see why an all-white kitchen is so dear to my heart.

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