Friday, February 19, 2010

I'll take romance...

Romance...associated (in my mind, anyway) with indulgence, luxury, softness, intrigue, fantasy, sensuality. It is something that heightens the senses, makes hearts pitter-patter and breathing begin quicken. In order for romance to survive it needs nurturing and attention. It needs space to breathe and stretch its limbs. It needs fire for warmth. And it needs a nice, comfortable place to settle in and dream.

Come along and tour some of the most romantic spaces I have seen, all from Better Homes and Gradens.

This bedroom invites lingering beneath its sheer canpoy. All the elements for a perfect night of romance are here-- candles, pillows, soft lighting, layers of bedding, fresh flowers. Observe the placement of a mirror across from the bed. Overhead beams add some structure and stability, both literally and metaphorically.

The massive chandelier, with its sinuous lines and swags makes a bold statement. This room embraces feminine curves everywhere. All the furniture and accents are rounded and soft, plump even, providing a pleasing contrast to the heavy masculine beams overhead. My eye is drawn to the arched stone fireplace and the way the chandelier is reflected in the circular mirror above it.

In another view of the same room, the chandelier has dominion over the scene. Once again, notice the curving, soft lines. This is a room designed to foster relaxation and ease. It begs you to slip into something comfortable and curl up.

The large-scale furnighings and elements speak of luxury. Soft colors allow relaxation. Another chandelier and beams preside overhead. The mirror brings so much to the room, thanks to its casual style and large size. Notice the fresh flowers and the curtains framing the headboard, adding extra layers of softness and luxury.

The colors in this bedroom are simply gorgeous. There is a mix of several patterns and materials in the bedding, to keep the eye and hands engaged in running over them. The dark accents add drama. Shutters provide privacy for those quiet mements when the rest of the world just fades away. In place of a headboard, there is fabric-covered screen behind the bed.
As you can see, many of the elements that speak the language of romance are used again and again. Although the settings may differ, the same effect is the same.
I hope this inspires you to add a little touch of ooh la la to your most intimate spaces.
Until next time...

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