Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's all in the mix...

The rooms showcased here today, all from Country Living, have several things in common. They offer variety in finishes, textures, forms, and materials; and yet, they look cohesive and quite well-pulled together. It's all about keeping a consistent color theme as a unifying factor.
And of course my favorite color, white, is the best all-time unifier.

Come have a look and see what I mean.

This dining room is one of my favorites of all time, and it has it all. Notice the contrasts in color, shape, and form. The majority of furnighings here are white, but dark-colored accents add visual punch. The curvy elements, like the chandelier and the round table, are paired with straight lines in the hutch and the parson's chairs. Simple neutral-toned photos paired with gallery-style frames add symmetry and grace to this sophisticated mix. The pale blue walls hum a mellow tune in the background. I would linger here long after the meal has ended.

This room also juxtaopses elements of design. The scalloped edge table has ultra modern legs. The daybed, which actually looks like a crib with one side removed, adds a sense of airiness. The beadboard cupboard, woven basket, mirror, light fixture and vase of fluffy flowers all donate texture. This white stands out against the latte-colored walls but everythign here is easy on the eyes. Pillows and the throw add softness and comfort. What a perfect spot for a cup of jasmine tea.

The bathroom here has accents of old wood against the many textured whites. I love how the mantel is used as a shelf that also gives prominence to the tub area and echoes the natural wood door. The chandelier adds a touch of luxe and surprise to the scene. The chair, tile floor, and towel holder contribute textural elements and functionality. And the high windows add light while preserving privacy. I would love to grab a novel and a glass of wine and soak my tension away!
These rooms are a study in sensual delights. May they inspire you to add some more sensuality to your own home.
Until next time...

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