Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A toast to white

I am dreaming in white...

Today I celebrate that most versatile of hues---white. Shades of white harmonize like a chords in subtle symphony. White can brighten and soothe. It can softly engage the eye, while also giving it a chance to rest. White is always classic, fresh, and elegant.

Come take a peek at different ways to use this wonderful shade inside the home. These photos from Better Homes and Gardens will provide some ideas.

This little work station set up in the entry of a home bids you welcome. These whites are on the cool side, leaning on gray. The woven basket introduces some warm contrast. The framed blackboard is a clever way to reuse an old frame. The worn paint, basket, ceramic and glass items all add texture and depth.

This living room has several contrasting materials in use, from the glass table top to the rustic wood accents. The crisply painted woodwork adds a high note to the soothing wall color. Decorations are kept to a minimum to allow the architecture to stand out.

This living space has even more white. There are dozens of shades shown here. Notice once again how the variety of textures pulls the look together and keeps thing interesting. A room like this invites comtemplation and reverie. I love the Queen Anne's Lace in the pitcher.

I am a sucker for beadboard! I would use it in every room of the house. It makes the perfect textured backdrop for worn finishes and slipcovered furnishings. The layers of softness on the sofa and chair invite one to grab a book, curl up with a pet, and while away the hours.

This cozy corner has all the elements I adore-- a sisal rug, worn paint and metal finishes, a graceful chair, a mantel for display, long drapes, candles and soothing colors. Notice the repeated circle theme--the mirror, table, candles, vases-- in this right-angled space.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of white rooms. Stay tuned for more.
Until next time...

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