Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The bliss of a bath

Bath time equates with
escape, healing, and relaxation.
It is a time to let one's cares seep out of the body
and merge with the waters.
It is a time to feel the weightlessness
that comes with immersion.
It is a time to shut the door
on the rest of the world
and just be.
When I am in the bath,
nothing else matters.
The doorbell may ring,
the dogs may bark,
a storm may brew outside,
and I am in my own little world
where none of that can reach me.

Part of the pleasure of taking a bath
is the preparation involved.
For me there is
an entire ritual
that surrounds it.
I have to choose
proper reading material,
sometimes the novel
I am working on,
others, a book of poetry.
There are candles
to arrange and light,
until the deck of the tub is
aglow in firelight.
There is the choosing
of aromatics and additives
for the bath water.
Sometimes I crave bubbles,
big, thick mounds of them.
Or perhaps scented bath salts.
Or a sachet of herbs
gathered from the garden.
Or maybe a splash of rose water.
When no one else is home,
I play some mood music
from the stereo in the adjoining room
-- perhaps my favorite
romantic classical music
or Emmy Lou Harris or Damien Rice.
If I am lucky enough
to have a soft rain
falling outside,
I crack open the casements
and just listen.
The tub fills slowly.
It is quite large and deep
-- perfect for soaking.
Steam billows around me.
I breathe it in.

When the tub is full, I
gingerly swipe the surface
of the water with my toes,
testing to see how hot it is.
Stepping into the heat
always makes me
hold my breath.
I slowly lower myself
to a sitting position
and then stretch out.
And bliss ensues!
All these gorgeous images are from Marie Claire Maison.
Of all the simple pleasure this life has to offer, taking a bath must surely be among the most blissful.
May you take time to allow a little bliss to enhance your life.
Until next time...


  1. hi anne,

    you and i are on the same page here. i LOVE baths. i take one each evening and begin looking forward to it right after dinner!

    thanks for sharing your ritual and lovely images.


  2. I too am a favourite place to read. Our cottage only has a shower and I hate that. Having a bath is something I miss so much when I am there.

    Love your images of the gorgeous baths.

  3. Beautiful ~ I felt like I was right there in one of these beautiful bathrooms. I have the same bath ritual. It really is one of life's best pleasures - a few minutes to yourself where you can block out the whole world.
    In my next house, I don't care about anything else but I will have a bathroom like one of these pictures. It will be a must and it will be all mine! :)
    Have a wonderful day! Sarah xo

  4. Oh Anne,
    I LOVE baths too. They are so much nicer than a shower..... and, you have shown us some really beautiful ones.
    My favourite has to be the first one. That would be my perfect bathroom. I might just have to save that picture.
    Thanks for all of the bathing inspiration. I shall really look forward to mine now.
    Enjoy the weekend, Anne.
    Oooo, I've just realised that I did that whole comment without using an exclamation mark. That must be a must have been your wonderful soothing text. XXXX

  5. Marie Claire Maison has lovely images and is a new discovery for me. I hope that YOU will discover a way to deliver your messages in a way that is true to yourself and not trying to be like someone else. Happy Day, P&H

  6. This is beautiful...I do love that first favorite is rose water...I like to come out of the bath smelling like roses!!! Now I think I need to take some time to dip myself into my bath this weekend. ox~ Fairmaiden


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