Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shabby floral slip at work

After the sewing spree of earlier this week, I put the ottoman to the test. In keeping with spring, the floral one takes a place of pride in my living room. I used to absolutely love florals, back in the early 1990's. I couldn't seem to get away from them. Every time I went to the fabric store to buy material to make curtains or pillows, it was a floral print I came home with. My friends and family started giving me a hard time, and I eventually turned away from this floral festish of mine. I hate to say that it may be coming back, but in a much more soft, faded way. I no longer like the bright florals I did back then, the ones that look to be decades old are more of what I am drawn to now. This one looks right at home in my living room, don't you think?

Slipcovers abound in my living room. They add a cozy, put-your-feet-up informality.

The slipcover on the couch is not custom made, although I am considering customizing it by adding some piping to the seat cushion and the skirt, to make it a bit more tailored.

I moved the ottoman around and tried it out in each spot where it might be used. It goes really well with the Edwardian chair, my first foray into making slipcovers.

Flowers sent by my mom last week carried the feminine vibe through the room.

Happy Thursday everyone, and thank you all so much for the feedback. I appreciate each and every comment! They inspire me to keep going, to keep creating, and to keep sharing. You all are the best!! xoxo

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  1. Hello! Your finished ottoman looks GREAT! I agree, the soft florals are so so cozy to live with and in your house, they work just right. I'm wondering if your slipcovering skills are self-taught or if you've taken a class. My mom took a class just to re-do a whole sectional that my grandma loved and couldn't afford to have done, herself. She did a section at a time over a number of months and it turned out really well. Wish my grandma still had it, but she is 92 and doesn't live on her own, anymore. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my recent post. I always look forward to them! xx P&H

  2. Dear Anne,
    Your otterman is just perfect. The 'faded' look of the material fits in perfectly with everything else in the room..... and, the flowers from your mum, give it a lovely finishing touch. XXXX


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