Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Portraits in sepia

Like many artists of days past, I am infinitely fascinated with the faces of flowers. Their petals house mysteries deep inside the whorls. I see in them the infinite possibilities that abound in the universe. Each one is unique, and they hold within them the seeds of creation, in a very literal sense. Flowers are inherently sensual. There is no way around it. They pull at the strings of memory and even speak a language all their own. A single bloom can draw us in with its luscious fragrance, its supple petal, its genteel visage, and even, its exotic taste.

The most sensual experiences in my life have involved flowers. I have bathed by candlelight in waters strewn with rose petals and scented with rose water. I have drunk champagne sweetened with syrup from spring blooming violets. I have closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of moonflowers beneath a darkened sky. I have eaten honeyed orange blossom whipped cream atop a steaming cup of hot chocolate. I have walked through the woods in May when the air is thick with the scent of honeysuckle. And so in shooting pictures of flowers I come to feel the wonder they inspire in me and the thirst for sensuality in my life.

Today I share with you the latest in my series of flower portraits. I think of them as photographic odes to my favorite blooms. Many of them are of peonies, as they are ultimately photogenic.

A family of peonies in shades of white and pale pink. This image shows the diversity in form. Some are exposed to the world; others are closed and secretive.

A 'heritage' rose with many buds, soon to burst into bloom.

A rose slowly reveals itself to the elements-- wind, water, air and sun.

No other bloom puts forth such an abundance of petals, combined with so lovely a scent.

A single blossom, with tattered edges, amid a sea of foliage.

A peony in profile-- handsome at any angle.

May you allow some of wonder and appreciation to seep into your awareness today. May you open yourself to the sensual experiences lying in wait to be discovered all around you, yours for the taking, for these things provide a celebration of soul.

Until next time...


  1. oh anne,

    honey orange blossomed sweet cream?!

    i'm in heaven, i think.

    your images are as moving as your words.

    one of the most beautiful posts i've ever read anywhere.


  2. Oh such stunning images, Anne. I really love photographs in sepia and black and white. Somehow, everything takes on such a special quality. They are truly beautiful. XXXX

  3. Anne, you have such a poetic way of expressing yourself, and very lovely.... These shots are fabulous and so interesting in Sepia!. I must try that weith my camera.

  4. Thank you for these moments of peace and beauty. You have eloquently captured the magic of flowers, as seen by the eye, smelled by the nose and felt by the heart. I smell a lilac and I'm five years old, and smelling one for the first time, each year. Flowers are like that. xx P&H

  5. What a wonderfully sensory post - you had me at the heading! :)
    Loved the way you took us through your magic moments and yes, I feel inspired & my senses awakened. Thank you!

    Now. I have nominated you for an award. I think you are a beautiful person Anne and I feel a strong connection. Since you first arrived in my comment box to the little chats we have now and then. I know you are a genuine, real and beautiful person inside out. You make me happy.
    So when you have a moe, please pop in to accept the award and let the appreciation I feel wash over you!

    xx Charlotta

  6. Peonies are such a beautiful flower with so many layers. Will you be framing these to hang in your home?

  7. these are absolutely beautiful. sepia toned photos hold such a charm and beauty...


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