Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughts on change and individuality

I am a person who craves change.
It is not something I fear or run from,
but embrace each time it comes around.
Perhaps it is because I am easily bored.
Or maybe it is because I am always
on the lookout for ways to improve things.
Whatever the reason,
change is always a factor in whatever I do.
Take these images of my living room, for example.

Early May 2010

Those of you who have been reading
for a short while may not be aware,
but I am always making changes around here.
The pictures on the side bar get replaced
each time some new and or better photos are taken.
I play around with text, spacing of images
and text, subject matter, themes, narrative tone.
It all gets messed with.
For those of you who like things
to be predictable and certain,
this may be unnerving.
Some of these changes
depend on my mood
at the time the post is written.
Others depend on the available raw materials
(i.e. pictures of my own or in my files)
I have to work with.

Late April 2010

In our society, we are bombarded with

information and auditory and visual stimuli.

This database of images, words and sounds

gets logged in our brains.

It comes to the point where one may begin to quesition

if any thought, idea or creative impulse

is original anymore.

We may think it is at the time it flows through our brains,

but come to realize that we were

unknowingly inspired

by all the sensory stimuli we have taken in.

We tend to emulate what we admire.

Mid-April 2010

In my striving to bring originality to this format,
I try on different approaches
like trying on different hats.
This is only natural for someone who craves change
and is a visual sponge.
Some of these changes may be lasting,
some may be fleeting.
Some may resemble things I have
taken in and played with
in attempt to make them my own.
When it comes to writing,
the words that flow are all my own.
Pictures and quotes may be borrowed
from others sources with credit being given.
Format and special features
can be individualized to some extent,
with the available options and resources at hand.
These qualities, however,
seem to me to be like spec houses.
Each on is a bit different on the surface,
but underneath they are all the same.

Late March 2010

How do you bring uniqueness to a cookie-cutter world?
How do you find a style that represents
who you are without offending someone?
How do you merge the things you find "out there"
that appeal to you
with the things that originate "in here"?
And what do you do if the things you think
are true to you
are perceived to have been
borrowed from someone else,
and you have inadvertently stepped on toes?

Early March 2010

I guess the only answer is
to make changes once again.
As Delores S. Williams wrote,
"I tell my story so that other women
can share and participate."
I write this blog for the same reasons.
And so there will be some changes around here
as I play around with what suits me
at any given moment.
If I have caused offense to someone, I apologize.
No harm was ever intended.

Until next time..

P.S. Pardon the goofy spacing of text.
As you all know, blogger sometimes
has a mind of its own and will not cooperate,
no matter how sweetly you ask.


  1. I don't mind your changes one yourself! One of the ways I look at it is that we are all woven together as intended...we are to belong to one another like a big family...we are unique but we are also similar(the same) is all good and beautiful. The intent of your heart is pure and this makes you and your blog beautiful Anne and I always feel like I am welcome here, just the way I am.. no worries for offense from me. ox~ Fairmaiden

  2. hi anne,

    i can't imagine anyone being offended by anything you say here.

    i think we as bloggers all struggle with trying to be unique and not step on toes at the same time. i have only been blogging since last july but i can say that for me, my blog has to be how I live. i can't possibly resonate or connect with everyone so i just try to be me.

    i think that's why i like your blog. i feel like you are comfortable in presenting your message however you choose.


  3. I like how it is spaced...the images of your ever changing living room are dreamy...all of them...but I especially like the one of your new slipcovered ottoman with flower on top! I do the same here at Sea Cottage...keep moving things around and changing the look. Have a beautiful weekend my friend. ox

  4. I agree with Fair Maiden: be yourself. When I first dreamed of dipping my toe in the blogging world, I bought the book Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey. In it she interviews a number of bloggers and the common theme that popped up over and over was just that....find your own voice ~ and style ~ and just be YOU. I smiled when I saw the first picture in this post, as it was the very ONE that drew me to your very serene page. Hugs ~ P&H

  5. What a dear post Anne. I have been pondering the same.. and oh boy do I crave change.. I think with every little change it just peels off the layers further and deeper to who we really are.. change is good! I am always changing, playing around, moving around stuff in my house.. drives my husband nuts.. but he's learning to live with me. ;) Speaking of change.. I'm planning on changing the name of my blog (I am craving a more coastal title).. relaunching it real soon.. I'll be blogging for a year real soon. Great words, great thoughts!

  6. Hi Anne! I love coming to your blog because of how you express yourself in such an honest and open way. Your writing is beautiful and I always feel so inspired when I visit you. Change is good and I love how you are comfortable with yourself and what you give to all of us daily. Please feel free to do, write and show us whatever is on your mind - blogging has been such a learning experience and I feel blessed to have found yours.
    Have a wonderful evening!

  7. Anne, I can't imagine that you've ever stepped on anyone's toes here in blogdom. I think we all visit each other's bogs for the same reasons... inspiration, and encouragement. If you {or anyone} happens to do something I've done in my home or on my blog, I look at that as a sincere compliment. It used to bother me when someone borrowed my ideas or did things my way, now I just realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I certainly find myself changing things up as I come across new ideas... especially with my blog { I'm still just figuring it all out }. Deep down we all just really want to be alike, while at the same time remaining individual... if that makes any sense. Keep on doing what you're doing, your home and your blog are an inspiration to me.
    Hugs- Carrie

  8. Hello Anne, I love your beautiful collection of vintage bottles! Interesting post...I don't like to change things around much in my home; but yet I love reading blogs of the people that do! Funny! We are all different and unique and that is what makes the world of blogging an interesting place. Deb

  9. I really can't see how you could have offended anyone. I have witten posts and then seen almost similar on another blog. I take it a co-incidence. there are after all, only so many topics to cover, so there will be a lot of cross over. If you don't share personal stuff, then it is like buying decorating magazines. Eventually there will be very similar stories and looks in different magazines. I dont share persobal stuff, so my blog is likely similar to doezens of decor/vintage blogs. I enjoy your blog!

  10. Oh Anne,
    I am the complete opposite !! I HATE change. Will you still be my friend ?!! I don't mind other people liking change. That doesn't bother me at all. I'm amazed that I changed my blog. I thought that I might have to have some sort of therapy for that to happen !! haha. I think that I'm getting better at it though.
    I love your home. It really looks serene and comfortable and welcoming.
    Enjoy the weekend. XXXX

  11. Your living room is lovely...all of them (lol). I am the same way when it comes to my home. I'm always wanting to do a little tweeking. I was just telling another blogger friend recently that I want to redo my living pillows, paint walls, paint furniture, etc. I think it's just the creative person in us. :) ~ Jo

    P.S. I agree about the heritage roses...beautiful, but quickly fleeting. If only we knew these things before we planted!

  12. Always wonderful to meet another Anne with an "e"!

    It must be characterisitc of our moniker, because I too am always mixing things up on my blog as well.

    I only just discovered you, but I think it looks absolutely wonderful right now! Having said that, I'll expect and look forward to seeing what changes lie ahead. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Hi Anne,
    I just started a blog and came across yours while searching for inspiration...what a beautiful and peaceful home you have created.
    I also read your previous blog about your health issues and thought it would be nice for you to visit Kate at Salvage Dior, she was diagnosed with Lupus recently and I thought you might be able to get inspired by her awesome attitude towards might be able to lift each others spirits when you are going through those tough days.

    I'll keep you in my prayers,


  14. I love change too. I equally love the ottoman in the same place you later placed a table with a tray holding all the glass bottles. Change is good, it makes life interesting!

    My husband told me once the only predictable part of his life is that he knows for certain if he sees a vase in one area when he leaves in the morning, he can be sure it won't be there when he gets home.

  15. Hi there....just thought I would tell you i think we must have birth!!!! LOVE your it all..and hey there is nothing better than the buzz you get from CHANGE!!! All the best,Chrissy


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