Monday, May 10, 2010

The garden before the storm

We are supposed to receive some rain and thunderstorms for the next day or so in my part of the world, so I snapped some quick photos of the garden before bad weather rolled in. My roses are just starting to bloom, something I have been patiently awaiting for the past several weeks. One thing I love about gardening with perennials is the way the garden changes every week or so. It is never static. Things are always either going into bloom, like the roses, or going out of bloom, like the bearded irises, with hints to what is yet to come. The next wave will feature daylilies and shasta daisies.

A potted pedestal of annuals lies just beyond the gate to bid you adieu.

My favorite rose, a David Austin 'Heritage,' is one that I have had for 13 years. If you have never grown David Austin roses, I am sorry to inform you that you are missing out. They combine the best traits of heirloom roses (fragrance and form) with disease resistance and repeat blooming. They are relatively pricey, but, in this case, the splurge was worth it. Someday I hope to acquire a few more, but for now I am deeply satisfied with my 'Heritage'.

This is a climbing 'ice berg,' which boasts pure white blooms, although, sadly, no fragrance.

A viburnum and Siberian irises take the front stage, while beyond the flower bed, a ring of common daylilies edges of the yard. The climber has only been sited here for a couple of seasons, and has yet to really reach its potential.

The scarlet blossom must be one of the parents to this 'heritage' rose, as they grow from the same root stock.

A close-up of an unfurling bud.

In this time of quickly-brewing storms, may you create the opportunity to seize the moment and take in the beauty that surrounds you.
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  1. Your garden is lovely. I too love David Austen Roses.

  2. so gorgeous and tranquil anne. i agree with you about perennials and gardeing and really life too. it's always changing and you just have to go with the flow or it will be a constant struggle. don't you agree?


  3. Hi Anne, your garden looks so amazing!

    xo kelley

  4. Oh, the calm before the storm.... my favorite time, especially in a garden. I love this rose and will have to put it on my list of maybes for the garden. The fact that it is disease-resistant makes it very attractive to me! I was out in the garden this morning, thinning out a very overgrown english-inspired garden and starting to think about getting annuals together for my urns and planters. It is very exciting to see it change, as you point out! Thank you for the tranquil moment.
    Hope you got in before the rain!! xx P&H

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed my excursion into your garden posts. It is my favorite thing to do--find and frequent yards and gardens - virtual and not. Your style is welcoming and random enough to hint at surprises around each corner and in each "room". I shall return!


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