Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ottoman slipcovers

Sunday night has arrived, and my thoughts are just starting to turn toward the coming week. Tomorrow I head back to work after a sweet mini-vacation. The past two days have been so soggy here. We got more than two inches of rain on Friday night, so my yard is bog-like in spots. I have been forced to stay inside and be productive instead of tending to the garden. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and observations about my garden! I felt a little silly for being so critical after reading what you all said. I guess we all need words of encouragement from time to time.

Since yesterday I have been sewing my little heart out. I made some slipcovers for an ottoman that has been hanging around for years and was badly in need of something to bring it to life. The plan is to make one slip for each season (or for my changing moods). It can be changed out along with the pillows and throws on the sofa and chairs.

This was fashioned from an old throw blanket that was a wedding present many years ago. It had acquired a few stains over the years, but I couldn't part with it. I just love its texture! This was per haps the thickest thing I have ever sewn. Only one needle broke going through all those layers of cording and blanket. Not too bad, huh?

This floral material was actually a Nautica tablecloth. The "wrong" side of the fabric is out for a softer look. A ruffled skirt completes the feminine look I was craving. The creamy cording accents the tan nicely, I think.

This one was created using a Waverly tablecloth. I am not completely staisfied with it--there are a few adjustments to make, but I decided to share it with you anyway.

Three down... one more to go. I also made a ruffled pillow that turned out to be a disaster. The square of fabric in the middle leans to the side like a blade of grass in a tornado. Thank goodness for seamrippers! After my sewing mess is cleaned up, I will show you the ottoman as it coordinates with the rest of the room. After so many hours at the sewing machine, I am to tired to do much else tonight.

I hope your week passes smoothly.

Until next time...



  1. Hi Anne,

    You are so talented. Would you please come over and make me 2 slipcovers that I want/need badly? I'm so envious of your patience and sewing skills. I have neither. I love all three that you made. And I can't wait to see the last one.


    ps~now seriously, when are you coming?

  2. Wow, you are a seamstress, TOO?! I love all of those. I think my fave is the Nautica rose slip. I used to sew a lot but now mostly use my machine for pillows and smaller projects. I need to make curtains but that is such a production, especially if you line them! But, you've inspired me : ) Hope you have a very good week and that sunshine comes out! xx P&H

  3. Just lovely! My favourite is the shabby floral one. I just found your blog. I'll be dropping in often. You're a kindred spirit.

  4. Hi Anne, i love the slipcovered ottoman.I really like all of them! I would like to try to make a slipcover, it looks like it may be hard to do. Thanks for the inspiration....Kathy

  5. Anne, aren't you talented!!! I love the three of them and can't wait to see the next one.
    Have a lovely week,

  6. Hi Anne ~ Me, again : ) I wanted to stop by and thank you for your very sweet and kind words on my last post about Sasha. She was my parent's dog but her loss has been difficult for the whole family, most especially my dad and my daughter. I know that you understand and your words mean more than you could know. Thanks again!
    xx P&H


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