Friday, January 22, 2010

All the elements of natural style

These pictures from Country Home represent all the things I admire about natural style interiors.

In this dining room there is a mix of textures-- stone flooring, wicker, natural-finish wood, linen, glass, plant material, painted wood (trim). Each element is like a note in a chord, each chord follows the next to create both melody and harmony. The overall effect is soothing to the eye, and yet subtly stimulating to the senses. And of course, there is an abundance of natural light.

This bedroom, part of the same house as the dining room shown above, contains many of the same design elements. The colors are calming, ensuring that a good night's sleep is at hand. Note the layering of linens on the bed, of extras on the bench that serves as footboard, of the rug on the bare wood floor. The layers equate with comfort and softness, exactly what we want in a space that launches us into dreams.

I adore this kitchen for its "unfitted" look, bringing a timeless Eurpoean aesthetic into an American Victorian home. Once again there is a variety of finishes and natural materials in this space. Despite the pale colors, there is enough contrast to keep the eye roving and entertained. I especially love the aged finish on the cabinet doors paired with the smooth marble countertop.

Texture plays a starring role in the living room of the same home as the kitchen above, from the velvety upholstery, to the wicker settee, to the plaster angel wing on the wall. The latte-colored walls and sepia photograph add a dramatic note without overpowering the rest of the room.

This entry sports one of my favorite finishes--painted wood walls. The vertical lines of the paneling draw the eye upward to increase the sense of spatial volume in this small space, a trick I have used in my own home. I also love the nubby linen upholstery and ragged, faded rugs.
All of these rooms share a neutral pallette, a mixture of finishes, natural materials, and multiple layers of texture. For me, these are the elements that make a home comfortable and cozy, a space I would hesitate to leave.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.
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  1. Beautiful pictures. I love, love, love that kitchen.


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